Lucky Monday the 13th

I really don’t worry about good or bad luck, choosing to trust God instead, but I know *Friday* the 13th is always associated with bad luck – I’m wondering if *Monday* the 13th is just the opposite, based on what happened around here today!

After struggling to keep up with a number of things – and seeing many of my freelance gigs dry up or disappear – today I acquired a new writing client at one place, got hired as a course writer for another client, found out the feature writing I’m doing for a new client (as of last week) is a brand new feature for those sites, and I got an invitation to test for a curator position at another place – not a bad day!

Then, after failing yet again at a blog challenge LAST month, I decided nevertheless to try again beginning today with the 31 Days Blog Challenge, based on the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog (31DBBB) book by blogger extraordinaire, Darren Rowse, of ProBlogger.

Today’s opening task did not require a post (had to add Google Analytics, which I already had done before, so I updated it), but I decided to kick off the event properly and write a post anyway!

How about you? Have you joined the 31 Days Blog Challenge?


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