Looking Back: From Mommy Made Fashions to K-Lee’s Kreations!

Today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge writing prompt is fun and meaningful to me for a couple of reasons. The idea is to step into the proverbial “time machine” and discuss something from our past. I decided to share how my home-based business grew from where it was, as Mommy Made Fashions, to where it is today, as K-Lee’s Kreations.

This is meaningful for a couple reasons: first, because my Mom taught me to enjoy crafting and sewing at a very young age, and I’m so appreciative of having learned those skills (and subsequently passing them on to my own children).

And secondly, today would have been her 88th birthday, had she not passed away in 2011 from losing a battle with cancer. I know she was proud of how I “just kept sewing,” as she used to say, well beyond the basics she had taught me.



My Mom, Rena, from Mother’s Day, 2010 – about a year before she passed away.



So WAY back, in the 1980s, I was married and began raising children. I was eventually a stay-at-home mom to four children, including one son, Andy (the oldest ), and three daughters, Shara, Jen, and Joy. I homeschooled them and also included teaching them basic crafting and sewing skills. At that time, when they were young, they didn’t mind wearing clothes I made for them. In fact, they would tell people they were wearing clothes “Mommy made.” That was when my business was officially “birthed” as “Mommy Made Fashions by K-Lee”  – using the first initial of my first name combined with my middle name.



My youngest daughter, Joy, standing with me by my sewing machine, holding up a “Mommy Made” tag.


That picture is over 20 years old, definitely a time machine throwback picture! 🙂  But as my kids grew older, they weren’t as willing to wear clothes Mommy made–especially not matching outfits for the three girls! They were all OK with flannel pants and the girls enjoyed me making special occasion dresses or outfits, but the days of Mommy Made Fashions transitioned into K-Lee’s Kreations. Along with that transition was fewer clothing items made and the introduction of more home decor items, such as quilts, pillows, and tabletop mats and runners. I also started making bags, stuffed animals, and soft sculpture dolls.


First soft sculpture dolls I ever made, when my Mom requested “old people” dolls one Christmas!


Around 2003 was when I started thinking of K-Lee’s Kreations more as a business and not just a home hobby. My kids were in their teens and twenties, their dad and I had divorced, and I had met Dave, who is now my hubby of almost 11 years. He supported my dream of continuing my education, having a career, and pursuing my interests, one part of which was promoting my K-Lee’s Kreations.


I took a 60-credit business course for free, sponsored by one of our state’s organizations that focuses on supporting women in business. Between taking that course, and having Dave’s support, my business grew again when I added the ability to imprint photos on fabric, as I shared in a recent post.

      K-Lee’s Kollectibles Quilt & Pillow Set Designs


Now here we are in 2017! I’ve actually lost track of how many quilts, pillows, bags, and other items I’ve made over these past 14 years. But I know the imprinted items have been the most popular, because they make truly personal, memorable items.

And right NOW, for January –

I’m running a special

of $10 OFF all pillow and bag orders!

                        January K-Lee’s Kreations Special!

You can visit my Etsy shop or Bonanza booth to see various designs – or tell me about an idea or show me a picture, and I can design something for you! Feel free to contact me here, through one of my sites, catch me on Facebook on my K-Lee’s Kreations page, or email me at klees dot kreations at gmail dot com (properly formatted for email).

Thanks for joining me on this time machine journey back in time and forward again to the present! 🙂  Hope you enjoyed the trip!


So what about YOU?

What would be your stopping place if you took a trip back in time?

Do you have any special upcoming events that might be appropriate for some personalized handmade gifts?

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