Looking Ahead to 2017: Do You Make Resolutions or Action Plans?

As you look ahead to 2017, just over a week away, do you plan to make resolutions–or action plans? There really is a difference, including a change in mindset, which in turn changes your attitude and motivation.


I tend to stay away from discussing  “resolutions” because the idea of “New Year’s Resolutions” has become the brunt of many jokes, particularly with the notation of how many people don’t keep them for more than a few days–or past January.


Instead, I am working on a plan of action with manageable objectives to reach goals. I even call my “To Do” list my daily “Plan of Action.” It may just be semantics, but since words have power, I prefer to choose the words wisely and strategically.


SO …  I composed at least a partial list of changes to make in 2017:

*Manage my time MUCH better

*Initiate and maintain greater productivity

*Meet deadlines consistently

*Blog regularly and consistently

*Keep up with housework, including decluttering and simplifying

*Balance freelance work with sewing


*Blog MORE

*Market/advertise my home-based businesses MORE

*Update blogs and websites for my home-based businesses

*Organize – organize – organize

*Take time to read and absorb all the workshops and tutorials I’ve paid for and not benefited from yet

*Interact with more bloggers and reply to comments left by readers

*Try new things I’ve been putting off, like wool felting and rug hooking

*Finish projects from my UFO (UnFinished Objects) piles

*Take better care of myself, including eating right, exercising, and getting more rest (after tonight!)


That’s it! 🙂  Actually, that is probably the short list, because I think each of those items likely includes multiple “baby steps” as I strive to accomplish them.



So what about YOU?


If you celebrate Christmas, are you looking forward to this special  family time?


Do you have any special goals for this new year of 2017?



And this quote about sums it up–

changing what I can change, one step at a time,

from the inside out, beginning with my attitude.


2 thoughts on “Looking Ahead to 2017: Do You Make Resolutions or Action Plans?”
  1. Your list look very similar to other list I have made (and I have fail to accomplished). For 2017, I decided to cut back with the hope that I would accomplish more. I want to serve my family (by cooking and keeping our house clean), serve my friends (by writing encourage letters and invited them to my clean house), my church (helping with my small group, youth group, and the computers), and serve in discouraged (by writing my blog and a book).

  2. Thanks for reminding me – I had planned to create a list of quarterly goals for 2017, along with a sort of modified vision board, and although it has been very active in the back of my mind, I haven’t yet put it into real action. No time like the present though, right?

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