Language Arts Pro?

I always hesitate to use words like expert to describe myself or my accumulated knowledge, and it has even taken a few years to get to the point where I feel comfortable referring to myself as a professional freelance writer and instructional designer. Yet that is exactly the reputation I have wanted to establish, to be recognized as a “pro” in those areas where I have gained the most experience and knowledge.

Therefore, since today’s NaBloPoMo writing prompt on the subject of *work* is:

What do you consider yourself a “pro” at?

–I would have to say language arts and all it encompasses, such as grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and basic writing skills. These are my reasons for coming to this conclusion:

*I have enjoyed writing since I was a young teenager, and even won local and district spelling bees.

*As a parent, I home schooled all four of my kids for 11 years, and tried to instill my passion for writing and writing WELL.

*I have written hundreds of college papers by now –including graduate-level– and today I am starting the dissertation phase of my Ed.D. degree program.

*I have also provided editing and proofreading services professionally for almost 5 years, and wrote my first book earlier this year. I also provide instructional design and course development services, which means I create education and training materials.

When I align everything like that, I feel more comfortable saying I consider myself a pro at language arts.  I would like to point out that being a pro, or even an expert, doesn’t necessarily indicate perfection. That is probably one of the fears all professional writers have – at least from what I’ve read and heard from writing colleagues – is making a mistake (even a simple typo) while discussing being a pro at language arts or anything related to writing…because we KNOW someone will take great pleasure in making us aware of our errors!

How about you? In what area do you feel comfortable claiming expertise?


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4 thoughts on “Language Arts Pro?”
  1. I feel for you in this post, definitely. I’ve been writing for years, though not nearly as exclusively as you have, but I’ve always considered writing to be my first love and true passion. When it comes to language arts and english, I’m a terrible stickler, so my husband will take any and every opportunity to correct my mistakes! (Though this doesn’t happen, as he’s got more of a mathematical, scientific mind.) Consider your experience and OWN the word expert! 🙂
    Angela recently posted..A Very Sexist Christmas

  2. I don’t consider myself to be a pro at anything more of “jack of all trades, master of none”.
    I was considered a professional photographer because I was paid for doing wedding work but I quit that long ago after I started having my kids. Now I just photograph them.
    Clarinda recently posted..Ningxia Red Smoothie Recipe

  3. I’m an expert helping others investigate their thinking so that they overcome their challenges and get to a better place that they wouldn’t have been able to get to without first questioning the root of their pain, which are their thoughts.

    Karen-I love the definition of a writer that you shared:-)
    Dana recently posted..End Sex Trafficking Day

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