Just One of THOSE Days

It’s the final 10 days countdown (day 9 today) to completing the Ultimate Blog Challenge – I mean, *actually completing it* this time around, with 31 posts! And wouldn’t you know it, yesterday I didn’t post because it was “just one of THOSE days.” You know what I mean? That’s OK – I’ll post twice today and still be at 23 posts! 🙂

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I’m sure you all know what I mean about “just one of THOSE days” — yesterday was a Monday, after all, and I’m usually in “recovery” mode on Mondays. What I mean is this: my weekends tend to be extra busy with spending time with hubby, doing extra meal prep and cooking (since he’s home during the day), watching racing and other sports together, and studying and completing my grad course assignment.

This particular past weekend, we also attended an annual event here in Maine: the Yarmouth Clam Festival. It was still very hot and humid on Saturday, so that, combined with walking a few miles looking at exhibits, and walking back and forth to where we parked, left both of us quite exhausted by the time we  got home late Saturday afternoon. Taking time away from home also took time away from working on my grad course assignment (which is always due Sunday evenings), so most of my time on Sunday was occupied by that.

Anyway, this has been the typical Monday schedule for the past 2-3 months: during the mornings, I have to catch up on housework that didn’t get done over the weekend.  Shortly after noon, I go pick up our farm share at a local farm, and then complete the grocery shopping for other items. When I come home, in addition to putting things away from shopping, I also usually end up cleaning out and/or rearranging the fridge. I also have to clean and prep all the new farm produce, plus whatever else I picked up from the produce section at the grocery store.

That just about brings me to supper time, which last night included some yummy fresh green beans and carrots with basil from the farm share, plus baked tilapia and stuffed “baby bella” mushrooms.



Last night’s supper!

I think the combined effects of the weekend activities, not getting enough sleep Sunday night, and then the welcome rainstorm and cooler air all contributed to me nodding off at my computer by around 8:30 last night, not able to put two coherent words together. SO … usual pre-bedtime routine of scooping litter boxes, setting up the coffee pot for hubby’s thermos to take to work in the morning, letting the pup out and back in, and … in bed by 9:30 last night, which is very early for me! I have to say, though, several hours of sleep sure beats three or four!

Now, I have had the tendency to get really discouraged about not doing everything on my “To Do” list at the time I had scheduled to do it – and just as the quote above suggests, I tended to adopt the “my day is ruined” attitude. HOWEVER, I’ve decided that’s silly and not worth the stress. It’s not like I did NOTHING yesterday!

What I need to do is accept that Mondays are like that – and just accept them as non-work days, essentially, in the sense of my freelance work, and make the most of them! Another goal I have is to start working on my grad course assignment during the week rather than all on the weekend (hubby would be much happier, too!) What a concept!

So how about you? What are “those” days like for you? What have you figured out you need to do differently to adapt your schedule to make life easier and less stressful?


5 thoughts on “Just One of THOSE Days”
  1. You are doing the best you can do! Don’t beat yourself up for not getting everything done. Celebrate the things you DID get done! Jump up and down, sing, laugh, do a victory dance with every little accomplishment. Your kids will laugh, you’ll laugh and you’ll feel better. (I know…I’ve done it. And it’s fun and silly and awesome!)
    Stefani McCune recently posted..HOT PEPPER CHALLENGE …. GloZell

  2. You are getting a lot done so I’m glad you aren’t beating yourself up over skipping a day of blogging. Like so many of us, you can only do the best you can. Especially in the heat and humidity (I’m in upstate New York so we were part of that heat wave, too) you just have to take care of yourself and get enough sleep.
    Alana (@RamblinGarden) recently posted..The 100th Anniversary of the Binghamton Clothing Company Fire -When History Comes Alive

  3. Had one of those days today, as our “staycation” got derailed by a battle with tiny ants. But then we got a completely unexpected call from our best friends who were in the area and wanted us to join them for dinner out. Things got so much better!! Anyway, you’re right, best to let go of stress and stay positive!
    Melinda recently posted..(Belated) Song for Sunday: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

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