Joining a Blog Challenge Is Like Using CliffsNotes

[This was yesterday’s intended post; it took longer to write than I had anticipated, and since I’m still working on recovering from a virus, I went to bed early!]

So, now yesterday‘s Ultimate Blog Challenge writing prompt was to share an imagination of what some aspect of the future might be like, or an analogy comparing one thing to another. I received an interesting comment and question from a reader (thanks, Ved! 🙂 ), asking, “What is the Ultimate Blog Challenge? How is it beneficial?”

Therefore, I decided on the second option: Joining a blog challenge is like using CliffsNotes!



If you aren’t familiar with CliffsNotes, they are study guides written by educational experts to accompany various tests and other academic works. They often include some combination of outlines, summaries, and quizzes to help you study and better understand a specific academic work better or prepare to perform better on a test.


A blog challenge–such as the Ultimate Blog Challenge, the 30 Days Blogging Challenge, or the A to Z Blog Challenge–likewise provide some helpful advice for successfully blogging every day of a specific month when the challenge runs.





Here’s an overview of each of these three blog challenges.




From the UBC site–Joining the UBC enables you to: “Learn why you need a blog,  get tips on increasing conversions, build your list, and learn ways to have more visitors to your website!”


In addition, you will receive emails with writing prompts you may choose to use for ideas on what to write about each day. AND you can join the Facebook UBC group to share your blog posts  with others and gain some readers to your own blog.


The UBC was originally the brainchild of awesome bloggers Michelle Shaeffer of Girl Blogger Next Door (an awesome resource in itself),and Michele Scism of Decisive Minds (another awesome resource). They have moved onto other endeavors, and now Paul Taubman of Digital Maestro and Danni Ackerman of Niche to Success run the Facebook group and the UBC. You will want to check out their own blogs, as well, for the wealth of knowledge each of them has to share!


Receive encouragement along the way and a virtual award to post on your blog at the end of the challenge!



While the official challenge is only quarterly–January, April, July, and October–the UBC Facebook group is active year-round and welcomes daily blog post sharing.




The 30 Day Blogging Challenge runs year-round and you can jump in and join at any time, any day of any month! Husband and wife team, Kevin and Sarah Arrow of Sark eMedia #FollowtheArrows, are the masterminds behind the 30 Day Blogging Challenge.


From their site, here’s how the joining the 30 Day Blogging Challenge can help you:


*Enjoy the camaraderie of other bloggers as you share your blog posts and make friends in the Facebook group.


*Find new blogs you enjoy and can add to your own blogroll.


*Exercise your writing muscle and establish a solid writing routine.


*Learn how to analyze data you gather during the challenge and how to implement tools such as keywords and an editorial calendar.


*Glean from material you have developed during the challenge and create a lead magnet, ebook, or other product.


*Understand how to market and promote your blog, and gain traffic and followers as a result.


*Receive encouragement along the way and virtual awards to post on your blog at days 1, 7, 14, and 21… at the end of the challenge!







The A to Z Blog Challenge is the brainchild of Arlee Bird of Tossing It Out. He began the challenge back in 2010, to celebrate his victories of reaching 200 followers and 200 posts. He decided it would be fun to invite other bloggers in writing posts featuring letters of the alphabet for each day in April, excluding Sundays, which normally comes up with 26 days (except when the 1st or 30th falls on a Sunday — then you would write on that Sunday).


In other words, you can exercise your creativity and stretch your mind to think of blog posts beginning with letters of the alphabet from A to Z! For instance, one time when I did the A to Z Blog Challenge on another blog, I started off with A is  for Attitude of Gratitude; B is for Blessings and Beautiful Memories; C is Care and Compassion; and so forth.


As in the other blog challenges, you more than likely will find new blogs you enjoy and can bookmark or add to your own blogroll; you get more traffic as other participants of the challenge visit your blog; and you exercise some creativity writing every day per the designated letter of the alphabet.


Arlee has a Facebook page about the A to Z Blog Challenge as well, but it is general info and not a group page for interaction like the others.


The A to Z Blog Challenge has attracted over 1,000 bloggers every April since 2010. Will you be one of them this coming April? I plan to participate again!  😉


I hope this answered your question, Ved, and anyone else who may have wondered about blog challenges!  🙂


So What About YOU?

Have you ever joined any of these blog challenges? If so, did you find them helpful?

Do you think you might join one or all of these blog challenges? Go ahead, share your gift with others!  😉





5 thoughts on “Joining a Blog Challenge Is Like Using CliffsNotes”
  1. I do as many blogging challenges as possible! Before I started doing them, I had hardly any readers. I came to the conclusion that I was writing for the sake of writing. Now I have a steady supply of readers and I get the opportunity to read other blogs and see other people’s perspectives on the world. I don’t always use the suggestions for posts but I do appreciate the effort and thought that goes into preparing them.
    Alice Gerard recently posted..The Inauguration of President Mighty Mouth

  2. This is my 4th UBC and I did the A to Z Challenge last year. I like challenges, it makes my brain come up with ideas that may not happen if I didn’t have “challenge” to follow.

  3. I have participated in the 30 day challenge you mentioned and another one toward the end of last year. I don’t write for 30 days straight all the time but the challenges are fun because I will make time to pump something out during those 30 days, lol. I like the sounds of that A-Z challenge I may have to look that up!
    Rose recently posted..Monday Encouragement

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