It’s Not About the Bunny-It’s Resurrection Sunday!

This image has been “hopping” around Facebook over this Easter weekend, and I honestly don’t know its source or origin, so I apologize in advance that I can’t properly attribute it:

I just especially like it because, as a Christian, this holiday that I prefer to call Resurrection Sunday is one of the most important representations of my faith. I fully believe in Jesus and His sacrifice, and make no apology for including “religious” content — or more accurately, spiritual content in my blogs. As I’ve shared about my near-death experience and miraculous recovery…I wouldn’t be here today if God had not intervened and spared my life.

This is a shorter than usual post tonight, just to say I hope you all have had an enjoyable weekend, and for those who celebrate this day, I hope you had a blessed day.

Now, an announcement: I didn’t quite make it through all the NaBloPoMo writing prompts for March (although I did have 20 posts, which is the most I’ve had in a month for quite awhile), but I plan to participate in April on the theme of “Keep It Fresh.” I will probably also interject some of Michelle Shaeffer’s great ideas for blogging as I randomly choose topics from her blog, as well as Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) ideas.

Keep it Fresh in April!

How about you? Did you have a nice weekend? Do you have plans to participate in any blog challenges in April?


Here’s a P.S. — I also plan to get my other 7 (yes, 7) blogs up and running in April, and would love to have you check them out if you’re interested (understanding most of them only have a few sporadic apologetic posts – a bad habit I plan to change in April, the month for Action!!) Here they are:

*Office Help 4 Hire – following UBC writing prompts for April.

*Words of Encouragement – offering a variety of devotional and inspirational thoughts.

*Write from Home – following the A to Z Blog Challenge for April, on relevant topics for this blog.

*Autism & Other Child Developmental Disorders – also following the A to Z Blog Challenge for April, on relevant topics for this blog.

*eLearning for Life – promoting ongoing learning, offering tips I’ve learned along the way, now that I’m in the dissertation phase of my Ed.D. program.

*Random Thoughts & Musings – as it says, random – but I’m thinking of journaling about my quest to live a healthier lifestyle so I can strive to thrive at 55!

*K’Lee’s Kreations Blog – featuring my own “kreative” business, but also thinking about featuring other “kreative” folks, so stay tuned (and let me know if you’re interested after you read the details!)



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  1. Moumita Basu - April 1, 2013 Reply


    I guess I am too in the same boat like you, trying to make 30 posts, and never quite made it last time. So here’s wishing all the best to your endeavours. Great going.
    Moumita Basu recently posted..Are you on Twitter?

  2. Andrew - April 1, 2013 Reply

    Well said, Mom!

    Looking forward to seeing you get your other blogs up and running. Let me know if you need a hand in the promotion side of it.
    Andrew recently posted..The Strategy of the Gospel

  3. Bailey - April 1, 2013 Reply

    I love the picture. It says so much without many words.
    Bailey recently posted..Hello Kitty Santa

  4. Melinda - April 1, 2013 Reply

    So true!! Thanks. Glad you had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday!

  5. Heather - April 1, 2013 Reply

    My goal for 2013 is to write one blog post per week. Being part of a Comment Circle has helped keep me on track. I can’t imagine writing every day for 30 days (much less juggle 7 blogs)! Good luck to you, K’Lee.

    And I love the image you picked for this post. It definitely is not about the bunny.
    Heather recently posted..I Want to Live Again

  6. Angela Joseph - April 3, 2013 Reply

    I love the picture and the caption. I admire you for your drive and energy. 7 blogs? I’m struggling to keep up with 2, although I do plan to have one more.
    Angela Joseph recently posted..Let’s Talk About Your About Page

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