It’s 3 Things Thursday: Meditating, Sewing, AND Birdwatching!

***3 Things Thursday***


3 Things Thursday


It’s 3 Things Thursday – meaning sharing 3 things I am working on today!  🙂


*MEDITATING*  My usual routine is to begin the day with a period of meditation and prayer. It really helps me to start the day right and I honestly notice a difference on the days I do or do NOT begin my day this way!


Cross-stitch and quilted piece I made many years ago



*SEWING*  I am currently working on finishing THREE quilts! All 3 are for customer orders for my K-Lee’s Kreations business. Here are two of them, when they were in progress (nearly finished now).

Pieces laid out for queen-size quilt


Pieces laid out for lap-size quilt


I also just completed these projects last week for my oldest nephew, Joe, and his fiancee, Koral, for her bridal shower this past weekend.


Pillows for Joe and Koral’s dogs, Whiskey and Tunz


Wall hanging of Joe and Koral and their dogs, Whiskey and Tunz


I’m also designing a couple quilts and a “blankie” for my newest granddaughter (#4), who was just born on July 25th.

I make custom quilts, pillows, and other items, and sell them through my Etsy shop and my new Zibbet shop.  I am currently running a “Sizzling Mid-Summer Sale” – so check it out, any of you bloggers who might like to order your own item (and some have indicated interest in comments and private messages!) ?




*BIRDWATCHING*  Finally, I have been watching birds coming and going outside the picture window here in front of my sewing machine. We have several seed feeders and hummingbird feeders, just about 2 feet from the window. I love watching the birds so close, and so do our cats!  One of the funniest things to watch is the hummingbirds hovering close to the window, looking at the cats! Freaks the cats out! 🙂

Female rose-breasted grosbeak and woodpecker


Finch (purple or house?) and sparrow, and woodpecker


                     Birdwatching cats!


Outside the house, hummingbird at the feeder


  …  … 


So What About YOU?


What did you do this Thursday?


Do you try to incorporate both work and fun activities each day?




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