Intentionally Spending Time with Loved Ones on Women With Intention Wednesday

Women With Intention Wednesday!


So Monday was Labor Day here in the USA – if you live in this country, how was your holiday? This is what we ended up doing on Labor Day, even though it was unplanned … but it was the best surprise!


Dave and me with my youngest daughter, granddaughters, and Mocha the fur baby!


My youngest daughter Joy and her family happened to be in Maine over the long holiday weekend, at my son-in-law Cory’s family’s camp. They were heading back to New Hampshire on Monday and Joy sent me a message asking if we would like some company! 🙂


Of course we weren’t going to say NO to family! 🙂  Especially when those loved ones include three precious granddaughters, who are now ages 8 1/2 months, 3 years, and almost 5 years old!


So we intentionally chose to spend time with them, rather than do anything else we might have had planned. Because in these days of natural disasters, monster storms, and terrorism around the globe…the sobering reality is we NEED to spend time with loved ones while we have the opportunity to do so!



Remember the definition of intentionally?



deliberately, purposely, knowingly**


So intentionally, deliberately, and purposely spending time with my precious family members who live out of state is especially important to me. I don’t get to see them nearly enough, and if you are a parent or grandparent, you know what I mean about how FAST they seem to grow up!


I mean, here my first of FOUR granddaughters, Chloe, will be 5 next week and started kindergarten last week…yet I remember when she was born like it was YESTERDAY!


      Chloe’s first day in KINDERGARTEN!!


Now she has two sisters, one who turned 3 on August 27th (and I remember her birth, as well, as if it just happened), and the other who is closing in on 9 months old … ALREADY!!! 


It was both wonderful and chaotic at the same time, since the older two girls are quite active and enjoyed exploring our definitely NOT childproof house! I had been in the middle of sewing when they arrived, so I had to tuck things away and cover things up. Then they discovered their Grampi Dave’s NASCAR collectible cars and wanted to play with them! (They were allowed to, GENTLY!) Fortunately, I do have wooden puzzles and some sorting blocks here just for their visits, so those items helped keep the older two girls busy for most of the visit. Little Lilly just smiled most of the time, since that’s what she does best! 🙂


My third granddaughter, Lillianna (Lilly), at 6 months old!


Since they brought their fur baby, Mocha, with them — our three dogs and Mocha had to have a “meet and greet” and fortunately they all got along well after that initial flurry of barking and checking each other out!


When we went outside before they all left, my dear little 3-year-old granddaughter Ava grabbed my hand and wanted me to look at something.


My granddaughter Ava wearing her mommy’s hat – LOVE the big brown eyes!


It was a smooth, round rock that fascinated her. She picked it up and rubbed it against her cheek. The last time I visited them in New Hampshire, just about a month ago, Ava had given me a “pretty rock” because it was “red” and she wanted me to take it home. Yes, I still have it among my collectibles! 🙂 We can learn so much, sometimes, even from little ones! Their fascination over simple things, the innocence and sincerity … admirable qualities!




So our day of intentionally spending time with these precious loved ones was well worth it!

So What About YOU?


Did you do anything special over the long weekend, if you celebrated it, or the weekend in general if not?


What is on your “intentional” list for today, this week, this month, this year?










6 thoughts on “Intentionally Spending Time with Loved Ones on Women With Intention Wednesday”
  1. First of all, your granddaughters are so precious! It is so important to spend time with family. I had a fun trip this summer visiting my grandparents and taking them out for lunch and to Ollie’s (we both love that store!). I saw my friends over the weekend for a fantasy football draft.
    Melissa recently posted..Why You Should Ditch the Scale

  2. We didn’t do much this weekend just hung out at the house and my son had some friends over. But your right we need to make sure and spend time with everyone because tomorrow isn’t promised and with these Storms and Forest Fires anything can happen. As for the granddaughters there adorable.

  3. Hey Karen! Your grandbabies are beautiful! I did also get to spend sometime with my grandson over the holiday weekend! Nothing better than that HUH?

    Thank you so much for sharing..
    Chery :))

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