Intentionally Pulling Down Strongholds to Move Past Obstacles

Pulling Down Strongholds…



It’s Women With Intentions Wednesday – a day to talk about making purposeful, deliberate, intentional choices, and acting on them.

Self-disclosure: One of my ongoing struggles in life is procrastination. It’s not even intentional, most of the time. Actually, it’s a combination of procrastination and distraction, all encompassed within a big thick cloud of brain fog.


For those of us who have struggled/continue to struggle with procrastination, for any number of reasons…

WHY is it so difficult to overcome? Let’s see…


*Ongoing issues with procrastination indicate

an established stronghold or repetitive behavior pattern.*


Allowing a stronghold to remain in our lives is a risky situation that can hold us back from fulfilling our purpose.  Under normal circumstances, a stronghold–or a fortress–is a good thing, because it is set up as protection from attacks.


However, mental strongholds, as the name implies, represent strong holds or influences over us that create a mindset that resists change. They become deeply ingrained or embedded in our minds due to frequent negative repetition.  Once they have latched on, they are very difficult to break down and remove, much like a fortress wall.


Such is the situation when procrastination becomes a stronghold in our lives, due to its frequent, repetitive use. It requires honesty on our part to first of all acknowledge the problem, and then it requires diligence to consistently, intentionally, and methodically pull down the stronghold of procrastination.


I think sometimes, though, procrastination is like a comfortable, familiar bad habit…and just as difficult to let go of, because we have become so accustomed to getting behind, running late, not meeting deadlines, justifying a bad attitude, and all those related events, that it takes a great deal of effort and a willingness to make the necessary changes in our lives to overcome the stronghold of procrastination.


It seems we need to make it a priority to attack the stronghold of procrastination, tearing down one stone at a time.


Tear down strongholds!  [Source: morgueFile free photos]


So What About YOU?


Do you recognize strongholds in your life?


Is it an ongoing struggle to tear them down and replace them with better habits or strategies that will help you prioritize and pursue your purpose?






23 thoughts on “Intentionally Pulling Down Strongholds to Move Past Obstacles”
  1. Every day I have to remind myself that today’s going to be a great day, regardless of all the issues I’m dealing with. If I have bad day, I try to let it go and move on. So much stress and such that I have to find positives in my life, even if they’re small ones

  2. Procrastinating is something I think most people struggle with. Some days I do awesome, others not so much. As you said concentrate on the good and let go of the bad.

  3. Ah I needed this today. I’m having a rough day (more like a rough couple of weeks!) and I really need a push to get myself over the hump. I’m too hard on myself sometimes and it’s difficult for me to let things go. Love these quotes!

  4. I can definitely be a procrastinator. I really need to get better about not procrastinating all the time.

  5. It can be hard to realize we have put our own roadblocks in front of ourselves. I have been working hard in setting smaller goals for myself that are easier to achieve. If something doesn’t work out I just move on.

  6. I’m the queen of rationalizing to get out of stuff when it starts feeling difficult. I quit piano and viola lessons, basketball, and playing guitar because I didn’t think it was right for me or too expensive. I’m really trying to grow grit by sticking with the blog that I’m writing for an extended amount of time.

  7. My son is the great procrastinator and I think he got it from me. I wish I could do better to set an example for him, and I do my best, really. I think I should work on it more.

  8. I don’t like the feeling I get after I’ve delayed a job or something that I need to do within the day. I usually list all the tasks during the morning and motivate myself to finish the whole list before the day ends. It’s a struggle on some days but it makes me feel better knowing that I no longer have to worry about it.

  9. Procrastination isn’t my issue. In fact, I have easily been able to forget about my shortcomings and letting those drag me down every day. Focus on the positive and the day will be positive!

  10. They say procrastination is the thief of time. Procrastination has been a struggle with me too. Hope to win the battle soon.

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