Intentionally Engaging in Three Things Thursday: Blogging, Working, & Sewing

3 Things:

Blogging, Working, & Sewing!




Since I’m easing back into my regular blogging schedule while catching up on other obligations, I skipped yesterday, which would have been my “Women with Intention” Wednesday.

And now it’s Thursday again – so that means I’ll be telling you about three things out of many that I will INTENTIONALLY be doing today.   


SO …




Today I am endeavoring to get back on track with many things, following my holiday “break” and other events. Blogging is one of those things, since I really enjoy this form of creative writing and connecting with those of you who read and follow my blogs.

I belong to numerous blogging groups on Facebook, too, and one of the benefits of that is connecting with fellow bloggers by visiting and commenting on their blogs. It’s wonderful to virtually meet so many talented bloggers with amazing blogs! I have bookmarked many of them for future visits and reference.

Another thing I *REALLY* need and want to do this year is interact with those of you who take the time to leave comments. I really appreciate when you not only read, but also leave comments for me, and I apologize for NOT responding!





Most everybody has to do it, right? In one way or another, whether commuting to a job somewhere or working from home, we all usually have to work. I include moms at home raising kids in this category, as well, because I’ve been there and done that, and I know first hand it IS work!

In my case now, as an almost 60-year-old woman …   I am beginning my 11th year of working from home as a freelance writer and educational consultant. The freelance life is challenging, since work and income ebbs and flows, but at this time, I do have a few clients and various types of work going on. This includes assessment writing, course content editing, academic blog writing, and literary lesson plan writing.





My favorite “therapeutic” activity is sewing and quilting!  I’m actually still working on finishing up belated Christmas gifts and other items. I currently have pillows and quilts in progress.

One of my specialties in my K-Lee’s Kreations business is adding imprinted photos to various items, such as these:


                Quilt and pillows with dog pictures


The majority of my products, primarily through my Etsy shop, are customized items and the pictured products are samples from previous orders.

However, this year I am working on a plan to add “ready to buy” items to hopefully branch out and attract more customers. These items might include items such as the following…


Double-sided baby blankets…


Quilts in various sizes, designs, and colors…



Pillows in various sizes, designs, and colors…



… and lots of other items!


So stay tuned if you’re a fan of handmade items, especially if you like to support those of us who have Etsy shops and/or our own business sites to sell our items (working on my new site now, right here on WordPress!)  



So What About YOU?


How is YOUR Thursday going?


What are three things you are working on today, if you care to share?



           Star design quilt and pillows




40 thoughts on “Intentionally Engaging in Three Things Thursday: Blogging, Working, & Sewing”
  1. So inspirational! I agree, sometimes it’s hard to get back on track after the holidays. Sometimes, I write everything out on a calendar to get excited to get back into things – helps a lot!

  2. Wow, you are into a lot of things. I’ve only been working from home for 6 months. I love it though, I’m home with my dogs and don’t have to worry about driving the crazy highways.

  3. I love your quilting! I also enjoy sewing and I do feel therapeutic. I sew and make clothes but I never tried to make quilt maybe soon enough I will!

  4. That is impressive that you know how to quilt. I haven’t ever tried quilting! Right now I am on break from work for a few weeks, so I am working on projects around the house and blogging.

  5. Your sewings are wonderful! That’s something I’d love to get back in to. I used to do lots of cross stitch tapestry but it’s something I don’t allow myself time for any more.

    Ami xxx

  6. I have a sewing machine sitting on my shelf in my closet, I used to really enjoying making different things. My daughter has been wanting to learn. It is hard coming back to blogging after taking a break. I usually take one in the summer and right after Christmas.

  7. Well, it’s no longer Thursday but I’m working on a post right now- I’ve got to take pictures for it today. As I’ve had my 4th child, I’m not loving having to take the pics while still at a weight I don’t like so I was putting it off. Now it’s crunch time -_-
    I’m also interacting on Facebook, promoting my blog and completing my social threads.
    My other goal for the day is to take some time out to acknowledge the fact my hubby has been super helpful this week. I usually do, I thank him whenever he’s helped with what’s on my plate, but this week has been better than most and I want to make him feel special 🙂

    Your work is gorgeous, btw!

  8. Oh my gosh I LOVE those imprinted photos, I’ve never seen anything like it. My Thursday is great, my boys are home and I’m doing a test run to see if I’m ready to have them home yet (just had my daughter Sunday and recovering from a tubal litigation surgery)

  9. My Thursday consisted of Working at home, Blogging, and working my 9-5. This did remind me, I need to pull out my sewing machine, my daughter needs a couple play dresses to be fixed.

  10. Such an insightful read. The first thing I am mindful about is to 1) be consistent with posting , 2) figure out a posting schedule and 3) learn how to increase engagement. Thanks for this post, it did confirm what I already wanted to do and I appreciate the Daily Blogging Tips up top.

  11. I don’t even want to think about my to-do list. But, I will say, that I really wish I had learned to sew. When I was a child, my mother and grandmother and Home Ec teacher, really tried to get me to learn. But, I wasn’t interested at all. Now, I look at all the amazing things people make and the things I wish I could make, and regret I didn’t take the time to learn. Cheers to you and your sewing projects!

  12. Those pillows with the dogs on them are one of a kind!! That’s so precious! All of your quilting and sewing work is so cleanly and well done.

    Thursday for me was mostly building some new digital products to sell on my website. That took up a great deal of my time, aside from homeschooling my daughter and going to the gym. Today is my “easy day” at work so I’ll be getting a bit of a break and have some fun!!

  13. I love this! I wish I knew how to sew..And I totally agree about interacting more with people who leave comments. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the business side of things, but we have to remember why we started this in the first place!

  14. My grandmothers , mom, aunts and the list goes on of wonderful seamstress, quilt makers , etc… in our family. The list does not include myself as this is not one of the talents I possess but wish I did. So happy for you that do have the talent as I know you can loose yourself in your work

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