Intentionally Being More Productive on Women With Intention Wednesday

Intentionally PRODUCTIVE



[Sorry for the lapse in daily posts! I have been away for a few days, visiting family out of state, attending a double birthday party for two of my granddaughters whose birthdays are only about 2 weeks apart, AND taking it easy to get over a sinus infection!]


It’s Women With Intention Wednesday again… which means focusing on something INTENTIONALLY.

Here’s the definition again:


deliberately, purposely, knowingly**



First thing this morning, I *intentionally* made a list of all the things I hoped to accomplish today!

I’ve heard there are cases of adults having late onset of attention deficit disorder, and when you combine that with age-related brain fog, it’s very difficult to remember things and to truly be productive!



So I’m finding I definitely need to be a “list” person to try to corral all those thoughts overwhelming me and organize or categorize them into some kind of logical order. The more detailed my notes are, the better chance I have of remembering things and getting them done!


Of course, it’s also important to balance expectations about what you can reasonably accomplish in a day’s time (something I’m still working on!) You really have to allow for those inevitable interruptions or changes in plans. If you are too rigid, you can REALLY stress yourself out!



But overall, I successfully accomplished most of the things I purposely and deliberately chose to do today! For instance, these are some of the things I managed to get done today:

Finishing multiple household chores that didn’t get done while I was away last weekend and the first half of the week when I was still recuperating from a sinus infection.

Creating some new dishes from recipes I discovered from other bloggers! One was delicious chow mein with a few additions of my own (baked chicken, water chestnuts, and bean sprouts). The other was no-bake ambrosia pie – a delicious variation of that yummy light, fruity dessert!

Completing two blog posts (here and over at my other blog, where I wrote about Messes and Motivation) and sharing the posts in my blog groups on Facebook (well, I shared the other and WILL share this one when it’s done!)



So I am pleased with what I did intentionally accomplish today – and I’ll work on my list for tomorrow!


So What About YOU?


Are you a “list” person?


Do you find you can be more productive if you have a definite plan for the day?






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