In Loving Memory of Uncle Walt

Today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge writing prompt is to share a movie or song that is meaningful to us. I decided to share a video with a song in special loving memory of a man I have always known as Uncle Walt, who passed away yesterday at the age of 94 (just about three months short of his 95th birthday).



Justin Moore’s song brings me to tears EVERY time. I’ve lost both parents and many other loved ones and friends, and now this beloved man of God who was like a second Dad to me.

Losing them wouldn’t be so hard to take…

if Heaven wasn’t so far away.

~~Justin Moore


He was sort of an adopted family member I’ve always known as Uncle Walt. He and his wife, who has always been Aunt Ella to me, were among my parents’ closest friends and have known my siblings and me for our entire lives. The Eshelman kids likewise called our parents Uncle Ben and Aunt Rena. Our families attended Evangelical Baptist Church (EBC) in Laconia, New Hampshire, and grew up together.


So many memories are washing over me this morning as the tears flow.  From church and youth group activities, to family gatherings and camping trips, to cookouts and sailing, to weeks at Camp Good News in Charlestown, NH…. It seems so many memories of my own family are intertwined with times we spent together with their family.


Uncle Walt and Aunt Ella were really like a second set of parents to my siblings and me, as our families spent so much time together over many years.  Then many years later, my own four kids got to know these dear people while on camping trips with my parents.


Dear Aunt Ella was a tremendous source of comfort and strength to my siblings and me in my Mom’s last days in July 2011 under hospice care at home in Gilford, NH. Aunt Ella sat with Mom and sang songs and reminisced, and assured Mom it was OK for her to let go so she could reunite with Dad (who had passed away in 2002).





Please pray for and/or send good thoughts to Aunt Ella and all the Eshelman family at this time of loss. And while our hearts are broken with the void left here on earth, we know there’s great celebration in heaven as a wonderful man of God has gone home to the Lord he served … and having a blessed reunion with my parents and other loved ones who have gone on before us. I’m sure they welcomed him home with open arms and wonderful embraces–especially from my Dad, with his amazing hugs that I miss so much! 🙁




So What About YOU?


Have you ever heard Justin Moore’s song before?


Have you lost anyone recently, or does it seem that way even if it has been many years? (If so, my condolences to you!)












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  1. You chose a beautiful song to share – and such beautiful words to go along with it. I’m sure he would be proud to have left behind such a mark on those who knew him – I know I would be.

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