If I Was President

On this evening of the 2012 elections, awaiting results…the writing prompt for NaBloPoMo is to ponder what I might do as my first act if I was President of the United States.

Honestly, I wouldn’t want the job – I know I don’t have the emotional fortitude (sorry, ladies – I’m not sure any woman could really, honestly, handle the pressure and responsibilities of the presidency of this nation), not to mention the “fishbowl” living and lack of privacy, among many other things.

BUT … for the sake of this blog post, if it were possible, and I was President of the United States – there are a few things I would want to do as soon as possible, although I have no idea HOW or if it is even feasible to accomplish any of these things:

*Return the sovereignty to this nation – no more bowing, literally or figuratively, to leaders of other countries, or to their demands that continue to bleed away the liberties our forefathers and our military fought and died for – and our current military continues to strive to defend.

*Cut the deficit – again, no idea how to do this, but as a new grandmother, I hate the thought that my grandchild and other future generations will have to shoulder this unfair burden.

*Cut taxes – some how make taxes (which are probably a “necessary evil” to run the nation) more equitable, such as a flat tax across the board.

*Make higher education more affordable – as a doctoral student (and hopefully by 2016, Dr. K’Lee Banks), I think any student who desires to pursue higher education should have that opportunity without going into massive debt.

How about you? Ever considered what YOU might do in your first days, weeks, or months as President of the United States, if it was possible?

[Posted as part of NaBloPoMo--November theme: Blogging for Blogging's Sake].

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