How to Pursue Our Purpose-Part 7: Initiate Solutions

I am still on a mission to continue my own personal “Blogathon” so I can finally finish this series on Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose – focusing on this third and final segment on pursuing purpose.

Thanks again to all who have followed along, read, and commented… and if you’re just stopping in for the first time, you can catch the very first post in the series here to read about preventing procrastination and prioritizing priorities: May Do-Over: Procrastination is a Barrier.

These final few posts are about how to pursue purpose, and will wrap up with a reflection on the May series, and a look at what to expect in June (which is obviously already here!)

This blog post is about pursuing purpose by:

*Initiating Solutions*


So let’s start with making sure we understand what this directive means. The word “initiate” means to cause a process or action to start. Solutions, of course, are means to solving problems or dealing with difficult situations.

The key here is that initiating solutions requires action on our part – if we aren’t willing to do our part, it’s difficult to reach a reasonable, timely solution. If where we are at, or what we are doing, is not working for us and not helping us to move forward toward pursuing our purpose…then something needs to change.


Here are some more words of wisdom from Joyce Meyer, in Starting Your Day Right, specifically the devotional thought for August 31:

“Sometimes we complain about things that we could change if we would stop feeling sorry for ourselves long enough to do something about them.

We can choose to be free or remain in bondage to self-pity.

We can choose to be pitiful or powerful.”

–Joyce Meyer



So what’s the next step in pursuing your purpose? Initiate solutions and continue to move forward in your journey to prevent procrastination, prioritize priorities, and pursue purpose.

Do these concepts and quotes resonate with you? Can you relate? Are you prepared to move forward by initiating solutions?

COMING UP NEXT: Focusing Forward, NOT Backward!

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