How to Pursue Our Purpose-Part 5: Your History Is Not Your Destiny

Please pardon the repetitive opening lines!

My “Blogathon” continues for the last two days of May so I can finish this series on Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose – focusing on this third and final segment on pursuing purpose.

Thanks again to all who have followed along, read, and commented… and if you’re just stopping in for the first time, you can catch the very first post in the series here: May Do-Over: Procrastination is a Barrier.

This post is the final one of four on the topic of making THIS day different than yesterday in regard to pursuing our purpose. The previous posts were on Deciding to Live Differently, Giving Praise and Achieving Victory, and Letting Go and Letting God Be the Master Architect. This post conveys the welcome message:

*Your History Is Not Your Destiny!*

–by Robert Tew

While everything that has happened in our past certainly is all part of who we are today and influences how we respond to life’s events, our past does NOT have to dictate the future. We are not destined to failure because of past mistakes as long as we have learned from them and use wisdom moving forward.

So I will continue to repeat this one last time, just to avoid any misconceptions or misunderstanding: these words are excerpted from one of Joyce Meyer’s newest books (published in April 2014), entitled You Can Begin Again  [NOT an affiliate link–I do NOT profit from mentioning or promoting her books!]:

“As long as you think tomorrow is dependent on yesterday, your future will never be different from your past. God sends His mercies new every morning, but you have to receive them.

The best thing you can do about yesterday is to forget it. Whether you succeeded or failed, it’s over. It’s time to look ahead.

When tough days start to pile up, when bad reports start to pour in, and when you begin to wonder if this is the new normal for your life, remember that today can be different.

Make up your mind to live differently; praise your way to victory; give God the construction project; and understand that your history is not your destiny.

When you do, you’ll discover something new. Your life will be more than a casual anecdote. It will be the heroic, dramatic, lifesaving encounter with the living God that will give you hope and enthusiasm for every day.”

–Joyce Meyer



So what is the next step in pursuing our purpose? Make the decision to accept that your past does not determine your future or your destiny, and keep moving forward.

Do these concepts and quotes resonate with you? Can you relate? Are you prepared to move forward by leaving the past behind where it should stay?

COMING UP NEXT: Ditch Negative Thinking!

2 thoughts on “How to Pursue Our Purpose-Part 5: Your History Is Not Your Destiny”
  1. Getting into the mindset of starting every day fresh is one of life’s biggest challenges until you become attuned to staying in that mentality at all times…this is a great reminder of how to get back there when we fall out of balance!

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