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How to Become a Full Time Pro Blogger?


Globe-trotter Blogger Ryan Biddulph
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I am thrilled to jumpstart my blogging again with a guest post from Ryan Biddulph!!   🙂


Yes, you read that correctly. If you have been blogging for any length of time, then you have likely heard his name. World traveling blogger Ryan Biddulph describes himself as the guy who “went from Broke Blogging Bum as a newbie to Struggling Blogging Bozo to Established Pro Blogger….”


He has now been featured on such established and famous blogs as Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fox News, Life Hack, Darren Rowse’s Pro Blogger, Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, among others… and he even participated in a cyber speaking engagement for NYU!


So if you have ever pondered HOW to become a full time pro blogger, check out Ryan’s story and advice!


Ryan shares:


A few minutes ago I recorded a Twitter live video.


One Periscope viewer said “blogging from paradise” sounded too good to be true.


8 years ago I would have agreed with him.


I was depressed, broke and skeptical about anything that would have led me in the direction of my dreams.


8 years later I am an Amazon best selling, full time pro blogging, island hopping entrepreneur.


I want to help you become a full time pro blogger by sharing these tips with you.


One note; be open!


Being open to a new way of doing and being is the first step in becoming a full time blogger if you have been doing the amateur hour bit for a minute.


1: Follow Your Passion


This is the most important tip.


I had some success as a full time pro blogger many moons ago but my success skyrocketed when I created Blogging From Paradise.


I launched BFP because I felt passionate about travel and blogging. Meaning I dove into the game primarily to follow my passion, not to chase profits.


Since sharing blogging tips and relating these tips to my travels felt playful to me the work was the reward. I was having fun. Everything else was icing on the cake or a cherry on top.


This allowed me to do the smart, effective, profitable things a blogger does to build a full time, professional career out of blogging.


What can you gab about all day long? Blog about it.


All rocking bloggers have an intense passion for their blog topic of choice.


My love of having fun with this blogging bit fueled my journey and your blogging passion will pull you through the ups and downs of blogging too.


2: Buy Your Domain and Hosting


Buy your domain and hosting.


Every full time pro blogger I know owns their website.


Owning your cyber real estate gives you branding power which fuels the monetization potential of your blogging campaign.



3: Solve a Specific Problem through each Post


Solve a specific problem for every post on your blog.


Lay the foundation for effective monetization.


If someone scrolls through my blog to find a medley of their blogging problems solved, gratis, they are likely to buy my products, eBooks, audio books, or they may hire me to help them in some regard.


Helps folks by solving their problems for free.


Draw in folks who seek out your paid help.


Work for free. Demonstrate your expertise on a large scale. Work, clients and customers will flow your way and you can become a pro blogger.



4: Guest Post


Guest post on top blogs from your niche to build your rep, to befriend blogging big dawgs, to leverage your presence and to become a full time blogger.


I recently dove into guest posting full throttle, placing guesties on sites like Positively Positive and Lifehack. I exposed myself and my Blogging From Paradise brand to the 3.5 million collective fans of each blogging community.


Build your friend network by promoting top bloggers and by commenting on their blogs. Write 1000 words daily for practice. As your skills improve and friend network expands many established pro bloggers will invite you to guest post on their blogs.



5: Comment on Top Blogs


Blog commenting has been good to me.


I gained multiple tweet endorsements from a NY Times Best Selling Author through blog commenting.


Blog commenting is a fun way to make friends, to add value to posts and to drive free traffic to your blog.


Write a 2-4 paragraph, in depth comment on a few top blogs from your niche.


Be persistent. Comment on top blogs at least 1-2 times weekly to build your friend network.


Effective blog commenting gives you the exposure you need to become a pro blogger.



6: Monetize Your Passions


Monetize your passions to build a full time income.


Since writing is the reward for me – I LOVE writing – the income I make from writing 126 eBooks, creating courses and offering freelance writing services is the icing on the cake. This is the energetic attitude to take if you want to position yourself to earn a full time income through your blog.


Add one income stream every 3-6 months. Learn the stream inside out. Earn some chedda through the channel. Then add another stream after that 3-6 month period.



Your Turn


Any other pro bloggers out there? What tips can you add to this list?


–Ryan Biddulph



Thanks, Ryan! 🙂  I appreciate you approaching me and asking if you could do a guest post (for me? really?) – and this is great information!


To learn more about Ryan and pick up additional great tips, check out his Blogging From Paradise blog HERE.



37 thoughts on “How to Become a Full Time Pro Blogger by Guest Blogger Ryan Biddulph”
  1. Awesome advice here, I am not a pro blogger but it seems you have things figured out, I’m happy that you were able to find such success and in turn share it with the rest of us, thanks!!!

  2. Wow, this is exactly what I have been looking for! The average tips are helpful, yes, but all the same. The average “do this, do that, do this”. This is something else entirely! I never thought about guest posting or commenting on the big blogs. Seriously never crossed my mind. I dabble a bit in social media things, and I am a co author of a fair sized blog, plus my own. I also have a blog partnership with a newbie like me. So nothing major, and I love the idea of becoming a full time blogger. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Good suggestions, definitely recommend building relationships with other bloggers.
    However I have some reservation about the ‘work for free’ suggestion.

  4. The tips are amazing especially the solve a problem in each post you create. I have never heard of that and when you read it you are lik omg yes you are right why havent I thought of that. Really helping me this post thank you

  5. I completely agree with all of these. I spent a long time establishing a relationship with other bloggers and getting my blog out there and viewed. It is now well read and I am so pleased I spent the time blog hopping and leaving informed and valuable comments. Thanks for sharing!

    Enjoy the journey!

  6. Thanks for your great insights, Ryan. I’m all for blog commenting, although I tend not to do so on the really top blogs because there are so many others doing it. I didn’t think there was a chance to get noticed. I’ll give it a go:-)

    I particularly like the idea of only adding an income stream once every few months. It makes sense in that you will concentrate on them fully. As for writing 1000 words a day, I still haven’t got round to it but I must. I have some neglected niche blogs which would benefit, not to mention my own main one.
    Sue Bride recently posted..Why Show Gratitude to Fellow Bloggers?

  7. Those are some amazing tips! I am new to blogging so it was definitely helpful! I like the idea of adding one source of revenue every 3-6 months. There are so many ways people say you can monetize so this is a good way to learn something new without getting overwhelmed.

  8. Hey Ryan, thanks for sharing your experience. It was truely an inspirational one. This is kind of case study you posted.. hats off to your efforts. Now I have to start following your strategies 🙂

  9. Hi Karen, and Ryan, so great to see you here.
    I took notes, such an informative post.
    Follow your passion
    I would say that is THE most important tip

    Being passionate about your subject is important, and later the money will come. How many ebooks Ryan???
    Loved the “All rocking bloggers have an intense passion for the blog topic of choice”
    What stood out most to me?
    “Solve a specific problem for every post on your blog” I belong to the blogging community of PAC so I comment on their blogs and I am establishing my friend network. Adding monetary products every 3 mths or so sounds good. Great post!

  10. Wow….. I am really moved by this great blogging tips, I believe from what I got here, it will go a long way to build my report in blogging. Thanks Ryan

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