How Do You Pursue Your Purpose? Decide to Live Differently!

We are approaching not only the end of August, but also nearly the end of my series on Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose – now we’re on the third segment regarding pursuing purpose. We have covered the definitions of purpose and pursuit, just how do we pursue our purpose?

This post is the first of four on the theme of making THIS day different than yesterday in regard to pursuing our purpose. Specifically…

**Decide to live differently!*

So, in other words, we must make the conscious decision and act on that decision, to not stay in the rut we may be in or have been in recently. Our purpose and potential is just waiting for us, perhaps slightly out of reach or out of sight, but it’s there.

We have to determine to not engage in what Joyce Meyer likes to call “stinking thinking” – those awful negative, self-defeating, self-fulfilling prophecies that interfere with pursuing our purpose and reaching our potential.

Consider these words excerpted from one of Joyce Meyer’s books entitled You Can Begin Again  [just so you know, this is NOT an affiliate link–I do NOT profit from mentioning or promoting her books, but have permission from her ministry to share excerpts!]

The way you think determines the way you live.

If you think you are going to be defeated,

then you’re going to have a defeated attitude.

If you think you’re going to make the same mistakes

you’ve made in the past,

then you’re pointing your life in the wrong direction.

Too many people go through life as prisoners

of their own thoughts.

They become subject to any and every thought

that enters their minds.

Yesterday, you may have let

your mind focus on the negative–

what you can’t do, how badly you’ve messed up,

all the things that could go wrong…

Today, you can decide

what thoughts you are going to think.

With the help of the Holy Spirit,

you can change your thoughts today.

You can choose to live differently.”

Joyce Meyer


So what is the next step in pursuing our purpose? Make the decision to leave the past where it belongs, apply its lessons and focus forward, and choose to live differently than we have been living.


So what do YOU think?

Do these concepts and quotes resonate with you? Can you relate?

Are you prepared to move forward and live your life differently?




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