Have You Checked Out Amazon.com Lately?

Last time I participated in a blog challenge, I discussed Etsy.com as an interesting site people should check out (yes, I’m biased, since I have a shop there!) This time, though – for my UBC post#5 – I want to direct your attention to Amazon.com.

What do you think of when you hear or read about Amazon? I know I often find textbooks there for reasonable prices, but I have also recently become a fan of ebooks, especially after discovering I can add ebooks to my MacBook ereader!

Two of my fellow writers, who happen to be published authors, have also found success at Amazon as a means to sell their books. I wanted to feature them in this post and encourage you to take a look at their books – maybe even consider purchasing them! (No, I don’t make any money for recommending them – just a random act of kindness for a couple friends!)

1 – Jana DeLeon – If you like mystery romances, you have probably heard of Jana – and have probably read her books! Right now, she’s offering a special at Amazon: FREE download of her classic, Trouble in Mudbug.

2- Mary Ylisela – If you enjoy motivational and inspirational thoughts, combined with practical steps to improve your freelance or small business careers – then you will definitely want to pick up Mary’s first book in her new series of books: Jumpstart Your Day: 101 Daily Motivations for Freelancers.

I think when I finally get MY first book written – I will probably turn to Amazon to market my ebook!

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