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Just Me, K. Lee!

Hi, I am K. Lee Banks! Welcome to my blog!


Happy October 1st! I must start this month by apologizing for going missing since my first day of fall post on September 22 in which I shared the FAQs for my home-based businesses (please check it out if you missed it!) Other obligations with higher priorities kept me busy for the 10 days or so since that post. Now I thought I would start the month of October by re-introducing myself and the reason for having this blog (you can also read this info any time on my About page).


I am a lifelong learner, having earned a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree with a concentration in Instructional Technology in 2008, at the “ripe old age” of 50 (and I was thrilled to earn a 4.0 GPA!) Now I am a doctoral candidate in the “All But Dissertation” (ABD) phase of my Doctor of Education  (Ed.D.) degree program, with a dual concentration in Educational Technology and E-Learning.


I should complete my study and defend my dissertation by late fall 2016 and officially become Dr. K. Lee! 😉


These were long-delayed goals, after raising four children and providing a structured home education for them over a period of eleven years. Now that I am “all grown up” – I have been able to pursue additional education and career paths for myself!


Along with several years of experience in primarily educational and social services positions – including speech and developmental therapy – I have acquired many years of experience in various forms of editing and writing through academic, professional, and life experience, in all the following areas:


*Proofreading and editing: Review and correct all common English language errors, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, word usage, fluency; AP style proofreading/editing.

*Academic writing and editing: High school through graduate level compositions, content development, research papers, MLA and/or APA style; please note this does NOT include the unethical practice of writing papers for OTHER students! I provide editing, proofreading, and formatting assistance for students – but I will NEVER write papers for them!

*Creative writing: Essays, prose, and blog and forum posts.

*Professional writing: Journalism, documentation, resumes, business, and web content.

*Blogging: Content for various types of blogs; setting up WordPress and Blogspot blogs.


Additional Services


*Instructional Design: I am familiar and experienced with the instructional design framework, based on Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction, as well as Bloom’s Taxonomy, and understand the importance of strong objectives, goals, and assessments.

*Curriculum Development and Review: I have experience in developing and reviewing high school and college courses, as well as individual adult education and career training modules.

*Assessment/Test Items and Sample Reading Passages: I have experience in developing and writing ELA/ELL assessment or test items (terms used differently by various clients), and sample reading passages, as well as corresponding rationales for right and wrong answers.

*Tutoring/Instructional Facilitation: I can provide online tutoring, primarily in English grammar and writing skills, having gained experience working as an online writing tutor for the online writing lab at Smarthinking. I have also received training as an online instructional facilitator.

*PowerPoint: I can create PowerPoint presentations as stand-alone modules or add them to enhance web content. I am currently studying graphic and digital design, to further develop my skill sets.


As of October 2016, I have over 3,200 articles published online and have written one book, Fatherly Reflections, a tribute to my late Dad, to other dads, and to fatherhood in general.


I have also co-authored a second book with Dr. Christine Mason of the Center for Educational Improvement (CEI – a non-profit organization), entitled Heart Beaming.  The book is “a free tool teachers can use to help students relieve stress, improve performance, and enhance classroom interactions through song, dance, movement, fun, laughter and positive thinking.” The simple exercises would be equally effective for parents to use at home with their children.


As of October 2016, I am in my 9th year as an instructional designer and educational consultant. I have authored, co-authored, and/or reviewed about 15 courses. These projects varied from creating individual sample lessons, to entire courses, from scripts and storyboards to full online course content and instructor guidelines. I have also written reading passage and assessment/test items and content for various clients and have served as an English Language Arts (ELA) Subject Matter Expert (SME).


I count it a privilege and honor to engage in freelance work through a virtual relationship with clients across various industries, although my primary focus is in high school and adult education. I thoroughly enjoy communication in any form and consider every opportunity as a new challenge for my creative skills. While I am experienced and proficient in many areas, I would not yet call myself an “expert” in all areas, as I believe there always is room for growth!


In addition to this blog, I have the following blog that may interest some of you, and my other professional site blog with more freelance work-related information – see you there!


Words of Encouragement


Office Help 4 Hire



So what about YOU?

Had you ever read my About page?

Do you have a blog in which you write about specific career or life goals?



5 thoughts on “Happy October 1st – About K. Lee Banks, Freelance Consultant Services”
  1. I read blogs for pure enjoyment – and your Encouragement blog is one of them. This polished intro is a wonderful intro to you and your services – it highlights your credentials and makes a good argument for using your services vs. the services of others – and stands as proof of your abilities.

  2. Congrats! Won’t it be fulfilling to put together all the skills you been carefully preparing? I just launched a site with freelance offerings of my own, so I feel a kindred spirit with you. Best wishes on your new venture!

  3. Hi K Lee,
    No I had never read your About Me page, or note recently, anyway. I think I was following your spiritual blog, or animal and craft blog.
    But it’s so wonderful to know this side to you!
    Congratulations to all you have accomplished!

  4. I did not know about all your accomplishments. Congratulations! I’m in my last year of homeschooling as my youngest is a high school senior. I’m looking forward to transitioning to the new season of life. 🙂

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