Happy March 1st!! Did You Start Something? Maybe You Should!

Happy March 1st!

Don’t Go Starting Anything!!

Or Maybe You SHOULD?



Welcome (or welcome back) to my K. Lee Banks Consultant blog, where I endeavor to share motivational and/or inspirational thoughts  that will hopefully uplift your spirit and speak to your life in some way.  I have decided to post here four days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday), unless I do a blog challenge to post everyday.  Life has become busier, due to getting work lined up again (YAY), so I think this will help me a bit with getting everything done. (I still blog DAILY on my Words of Encouragement blog!)



I am thankful for this first day of a new month – the month celebrating new life, as spring begins (on the calendar, at least, for the 20th!) It’s also my birthday month and a time to reflect and make any necessary lifestyle changes to improve health and happiness.  This is also the month to force some breakthroughs, in certain areas … it’s off to a rather tumultuous start, but I know God is still in control!



Have you heard the expression,Don’t go starting anything“? I usually hear it directed at people getting into a heated discussion or planning some kind of retribution. Of course, I hear it at home sometimes, too, when it’s close to bedtime and my darling hubby is trying to make sure I get to bed at a reasonable hour!


Don’t go starting anything  – but then again, maybe we should! It’s one thing to have a dream or a goal – it’s quite another to take proactive steps to achieve your goal.


I find it fascinating how often an inspirational thought I posted on Facebook goes along well with a concept I blog about. This is what I shared there:


Are you just spinning your wheels and not really getting anywhere in your life? Maybe it’s time to stop trying to drive a parked car!


“If you are doing nothing with your life because you are not sure what to do, then I recommend that you pray and begin trying some things.


You cannot drive a parked car. Get your life out of ‘park’ and get moving in some direction. As we take steps of faith, our destinies unfold.


Pray: ‘Lord, I want to be moving in the right direction with my life. I trust You to guide my steps…Amen.'”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”  




I know when I “came home” to work in February 2008, I had to start something to replace my lost income from my previous work as a traveling speech therapist.  Oddly enough, while I had enjoyed writing for over 20 years in various informal capacities, I had never seriously considered pursuing it as a career. When the opportunity presented itself out of necessity, I started my freelance consultant business, concentrating on writing, editing, and instructional design.


I also started my own home-based business, K’Lee’s Kreations, many years back, but became more serious about it when I moved here to Maine 14 years ago. I took a business course sponsored by Maine Centers for Women, Work, and Community called New Ventures and it was at that time I received encouragement to invest in my own imprinting equipment to add to my business that I had previously been outsourcing to another female entrepreneur in Maine. It was a good thing to start, and continues to be the most popular type of product I make.


Tote bag with imprinted photos made for a customer.



What do I want to start NOW? Well, first, I want to start handling my current freelance business more professionally and efficiently. Then, I want to start on the path toward being a well-known blogger with a following, so I can make a different in people’s lives. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll eventually start earning money from blogging, like many dedicated and hard-working bloggers already do!




So What About YOU?


Is there something YOU should be starting?


Do you have an idea for a business that you have put off? What’s keeping you from moving forward with your idea?







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  1. Donna Tagliaferri - March 1, 2017 Reply

    Beautiful blog, very inspiring

  2. Edward Thorpe - March 5, 2017 Reply

    Hi K Lee,

    Sweet post. Love your homey style of relating to your readers. This is my only brother’s birthday month, too. (7th)

    Cuse me, gonna go start something…
    Edward Thorpe recently posted..Heaven And Hell: What It’s Like To Die

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