Happy Father’s Day – My Doctoral Journey is Nearly Complete




Greetings! It’s really me and I’m finally back to blogging after an unplanned hiatus.

I was quite sick for most of May with “The COUGH” that wouldn’t go away! I wondered at one point if I would end up in the hospital. Toward the end of the month, after a lot of resting, fluids, and meds — along with prayers — I finally recovered.


Next…Happy Father’s Day  to all the dads out there – and to the moms who are filling the dad role for a variety of reasons! This is my 15th Father’s Day without my beloved Dad who passed away in 2002 with lymphoma and it’s still a difficult holiday for my siblings and me.


My Dad, the Master Encourager.


It always amazes me how emotional I still get on these special days, as so many memories come flooding back. My Dad was not only a great husband, father, and grandfather…but also a wonderful man, loved by everyone who knew him well.


I just want to encourage all of you who still have your Dads with you – if you have good and healthy relationships with them – cherish the time you have together, and appreciate each day of life, while you can!


Back in 2012, I wrote this book in Dad’s honor  and memory, entitled Fatherly Reflections.



Finally, some EXCITING NEWS!!  The dissertation process for my Doctor of Education program moved into fast forward. I completed my study, wrote my final two chapters, my dissertation Chair approved them, and then encouraged me to submit my full dissertation manuscript. He and my other committee member approved it last Sunday, June 11…and my oral defense is scheduled for Monday, June 26th!! My 7 1/2-year journey is nearly over and I will become Dr. Banks!


My sources of inspiration: the quote I’ve often posted as my Facebook cover photo or my laptop photo as in this picture; the mug on the left during the journey; and the mug on the right as my ultimate goal!




So what are YOUR thoughts?

How have you been for the past several weeks?

Did the special man in your life  (or you, if you’re a dad!) enjoy this Father’s Day?

If your father is not still with you, how have you managed to get through this day?

Have you had any noteworthy successes recently?






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  1. Congrats as you take your final DSS lap. My husband wrote a dss on 18th Century British literature. I did coursework for a Ph.D., but I never finished my DSS. (Composition & Rhetoric). I since earned a master’s in gerontology and work part time teaching classes about aging at U of So. Indiana. It’s quite an achievement to earn your doctoral degree, soon-to-be Dr. Banks. All my best to you!
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