Happy December 1st–Reviewing Samsung Galaxy Note 4

In case you haven’t noticed, November is history and December is here! I sort of lost the last half of November, so I decided to wait and begin fresh today, the first day of a new month – and even though it’s the last month of 2014, as this year winds down,  this day represents the opportunity to set the tone for the beginning of 2015.



I am using the Article Writing Challenge  idea again, so I’ll have a daily writing prompt to help focus my thoughts and use this thematic posting schedule:


Monday: Product Review
Tuesday: Top 10 List
Wednesday: Guest Blog Post
Thursday: Infographic
Friday: Three Things I Completed Today
Saturday: Step-by-Step Tutorial
Sunday: Video Blog


So since December 1st happens to be a Monday, I thought I would offer a product review on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, an upgraded cell phone I recently purchased. And I have to say…so far, it has actually lived up to all the hype!


Samsung Galaxy Note 4   [Source: Samsung.com]

My favorite features/details:

*The size! With my eyesight being what it is (or is NOT now), the larger size–almost 3 x 6 inches–makes it so much easier to see to type and read messages, and see pictures.


*The camera! Oh my word, this phone’s camera is better than my actual camera! Not only does it take clear, crisp photos, but it has touch screen editing functionality.  Now when I receive photos of my granddaughters, I can actually SEE them, whereas my old phone’s tiny screen (maybe 1 1/2 x 3) made it really difficult to see and I often had to send a text back asking what I was looking at!


*The touch screen! The touch functionality combined with the smartphone technology make this an answer to prayer for people like me with arthritic thumbs and fingers. With my old phone (NOT a smartphone), texting was literally a pain for my right thumb, which has bone spurs and grinding bones. 🙁  It’s such a blessing to just gently swipe my finger across the screen, tap icons, and tap letters.


*The texting capability! As I mentioned, it’s so easy to just gently tap letters–either with my finger or the included stylus–and the phone also suggests words that seem likely or you have used before, so all these functions combined make it even quicker and easier to text.

Really, SO many other features that are nice: flashlight, magnifier, calculator, Skype, and I think dozens, if not hundreds, of free and low price apps!


My least favorite features/details:

*The price! I’ve never paid $300 for a phone before (with a 2-year contract), and that was my upgrade price! But I don’t see any reason to get another new one for a LONG time, and this particular upgrade allowed me to decrease my monthly charge by almost half…so I try to comfort myself with those facts.


*The weather app!  Now, overall, I like the weather app–but I don’t like that it wants to give me weather info for Attleboro, Massachusetts, when I live near Lewiston, Maine! From what I understand, it’s an AccuWeather.com issue, NOT the Galaxy itself, and also is related some how to cell towers and other technical things I don’t understand! It’s just a minor annoyance to have to keep adjusting settings or browsing for local weather details.

That’s about it for negatives, in my personal opinion and experience.


Back to the positive side, as I mentioned, my Galaxy Note cell phone definitely takes better, clearer pictures than my camera does! This was our view on Thanksgiving morning–about a foot of new snow, and no power, in spite of the bright blue sky.


Our view Thanksgiving morning!
Our view on Thanksgiving morning!

The heavy, wet snow took down power lines and knocked out power over much of Maine. Fortunately, one of our local hotel restaurants had power and served up a great Thanksgiving buffet, so at least we were able to have a nice turkey dinner.


How was your Thanksgiving? Do you own a Samsung cell phone or some other brand? What are your favorite features?


5 thoughts on “Happy December 1st–Reviewing Samsung Galaxy Note 4”
  1. It sounds like the second half of your November was like mine with writing for my Blog. Poor planning on my part resulted in me missing a few posts. But I am back on track after a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend.

    The Article Writing Challenge sounds like a great opportunity to help you post everyday. Your review of the Samsung Galaxy 4 is great. I enjoy reading reviews from the users POV and how the product works in there life. Personally I have an iPhone5 which I love. It is amazes me how phones cost a small fortune…I am not looking forward to my next upgrade.

    Wishing you productivity and prosperity,

    Kim recently posted..The Rebranding Journey Continues…

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