Happy Belated Birthday to My Only Son

Yes, it figures that as soon as I committed to another blog challenge–this time the Ultimate Blog Challenge, or UBC–and wrote my first post on overcoming obstacles, I got days full of obstacles that prevented me from posting every day!

Anyway, I had planned my second post to be a birthday reflection about my only son, Andrew, who turned 31 on October 2nd. He was also my first of four children and my introduction to motherhood. Life was less than ideal at the time, since I was divorced from his bio-dad (who denied even being his father and gave up all rights) and lived with my parents. As it turned out, however, my Dad–as a first-time grandfather–was a good role model and continued to be a positive influence on Andrew’s life for as long as my Dad lived, and even beyond.

Today, Andrew lives FAR away from me, nearly on the other side of the country, pursuing his various dreams and using his God-given talents.  He writes, paints, does graphic design and photography, and writes and performs music and dramatic presentations.

Here are some of Andrew’s sites, if you would like to check out his endeavors:

*Amazon: His first book, a collection of poems: Battered Soul Bared

*Blogspot: His blogs: Renegade’s Rants, Warrior Soul Ministries

*Deviant Art: A collection of his creative works: Andrew-of-Dark

*YouTube: A collection of his musical and dramatic presentations: Everything Matters

*ReverbNation: More of his music: R.E.T.S.

Happy Belated 31st, my precious son – hope to see you again soon, hopefully for the holidays this year!

Andrew today – or at least, recently!
Me with baby Andrew, 31 years ago.










How about the rest of you doing the UBC? Anyone else facing challenges while trying to do the blog challenge?

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