Happy August 1st: Introducing New Series

It’s hard to fathom that August is here already, yet my laptop and cell phone clearly show the date of August 1 and compelled me to flip the pages on all the calendars in the house.

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This particular first of the month has special significance for me for a number of reasons:

*I have been engaged in the process of changing areas of my life that I have neglected for awhile; changes that will be for my own ultimate good, but will also benefit others.Β  Today, the first day of a new month, provides me with the opportunity to launch new endeavors with new, or perhaps more accurately, renewed enthusiasm and determination.

*Today is is the first day of a 90-day fitness challenge in which I’m involved with several other people in support groups on Facebook. I have been on this journey for a few months and have lost about 25 lbs., but have at least 30 – 40 lbs. more to lose to arrive at a healthy weight.

*Three months from today, my husband and I will be on our way to Punta Cana; his first time flying, and only my second (first and only time was 40 years ago!) – our first real vacation and sort of the honeymoon we never had 7 years ago. I say “sort of” because we will actually be there with family and friends! My middle daughter is getting married at a beautiful resort for a destination wedding, so it will actually end up being more of a family gathering and group vacation.

*Today, the first day of a new month, gives me the opportunity to prevent procrastination and pursue purpose in and for my life.

That topic, preventing procrastination and pursuing purpose, is the theme of my next series of posts. I confess that I’m not sure yet how many posts there will be – but I anticipate at least 10. This idea first came to mind toward the end of a revived and revised posting last month of my “Facing Fears and Moving Forward” series.

I figured I should act on the idea of not procrastinating by making sure I posted today to introduce my next series on preventing procrastination and pursuing purpose. πŸ˜‰


How about you? Do you have any special plans for this new month of August, our last summer month for 2013?


10 thoughts on “Happy August 1st: Introducing New Series”
  1. This is awesome! I need to get my act in gear and stop the procrastination by eating better and with more exercise. I am recovering from bronchitis and not working out for two weeks because I wasn’t breathing well really affected my level of happiness and feeling of self accomplishment. I need to get both back. I did start the month off right by going to a kickboxing class but this month I’m going to be more diligent.

    You will be great! Stay focused and in touch with your support groups. I’ll be cheering you on! πŸ˜‰
    Missy Bell recently posted..God Winked

  2. Well done. I wish I could say I intended to change my routine–but I don’t. Perhaps I’ll sit in the garden under the sunshade waiting to shelter me from the rays. How strange that the computer takes up so much of my time. What with writing a daily blog, replying to visting others, and then writing my novel, I can’t find a spare minute in my day. Before I know it, the summer will have gone. Sigh!
    Francene Stanley recently posted..August 2nd

  3. I’m not sure what August will bring, but I am open to God’s plan. I will continue to strive toward my goal of 52 blog posts in the 52 weeks of 2013.

    I always enjoy your posts, Karen.
    Heather recently posted..Brave II

  4. Wow! 25 lbs! Good for you! I love your topic of the month, preventing procrastination and pursuing purpose.

    My new goal for the month is to get my new internet business up and running successfully and to get one step closer to getting a handicapped van for my son.
    Dayna Camp recently posted..About Dayna Camp

  5. […] Blog Challenge! I successfully completed my very first UBC back in July, and then introduced my new series on August 1st, on the topic of Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Priorities, and Pursuing […]

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