Happy 4th of July – and My BIG Announcement

Happy 4th of July!


My BIG Announcement!


For my fellow Americans: Happy Independence Day!!!


By the grace of God, prayers and encouragement of so many people, and 7 1/2 years of hard work, I did it! I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation on June 26…I am now Dr. Karen Lee Banks!!!




And now for this new month of July – 4 days in – I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge again to get my blogs jumpstarted one more time.  I’m combining the writing prompts for day 1-4:

July 1: Letting my readers know I’m participating in the UBC again.  

July 2: Letting my readers know how I got onto my career path.

Where I’m at NOW…began about 10 years ago when I earned my Master of Education degree in instructional technology. I acquired my first freelance job as a member of an instructional design team for FYI Online Learning. From that entry into “behind the scenes” work in education, I have added the following services, working remotely from my home office in Maine:

  • Write courses
  • Develop curriculum
  • Align instructional design principles throughout course/curriculum development
  • Serve as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in English Language Arts
  • Write test and assessment items
  • Write reading passages for exams

And now, as  I announced, I finally completed my Doctor of Education journey and plan to continue in these niche areas of the education field. 🙂

July 3Letting my readers know my plans for this blog.

My initial plan was to use this as my primary freelance blog and to blog daily. If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you know THAT has not always worked out! Case in point: just lost several weeks over the past two to three months!

More recently, I started a blog schedule with daily themes:

That was working OK until other higher priorities and obligations kept drawing me away. And now, during the UBC, I will follow the writing prompts during this month (and other months when I do blog challenges).

Overall, I hope to share encouragement and inspiration, and helpful tips and information, to fellow education professionals, bloggers, and writers…or anyone who happens to visit and follow my blog. 🙂

July 4: Holiday break – share a patriotic photo. Here’s another…

In memory of and gratitude for my parents and all those who have served or are serving!

So What About YOU?

How is your July so far?

Have you had any major life accomplishments recently that you would like to share?









11 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July – and My BIG Announcement”
  1. July is good so far, mum’s 80th at the end of the month and we’re having a party!! Plenty of hard work going in to the planning of that. Well done you for getting through the arduous journey of achieving a PhD. I did one some years ago, brilliant experience, I’m so glad I took the opportunity to have a go. Hope you got lots out of your journey too. Loving the challenge and looking forward to reading more about it!

    Enjoy the journey!

  2. Congratulations Karen! I know that you successfully defended your doctoral dissertation. So are you now “Dr. Karen Lee Banks! ?” Wondering about the ?
    My son’s girlfriend is doing the same thing, she is defending her dissertation soon so wondering when you get the Dr. ?

  3. You are a girl on fire pursuing your dreams! I am so happy for you and know your readers (including myself) will benefit from your experiences and positive outlook on life.

  4. Congrats. I know someone whose daughter just finished her dissertation and will be defending it soon. Her journey was about seven years long, too. From knowing her Mom, I have an idea of how hard you had to work. Congratulations again.

  5. Hi Klee

    Congratulations for your doctorate. It is awesome to be on your fire and achieve your dreams. Thanks for sharing. Take Care

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