Great Video – Great Voice!

I posted this one already on my autism blog – but since the suggestion for UBC post #7 is to share a video, I’m going to share this one again – because it’s worth sharing again!

Most people are aware that an unfortunate condition of autism is often difficulty speaking, and even mutism.  While I sometimes suffer from laryngitis or hoarseness, I can’t imagine NOT being able to communicate at all – to have that ability locked inside, when you want to just talk to people like others around you do so freely and easily.

Imagine this young man’s surprise – along with the welcome surprise for his family and therapist – when he discovered that although his autism was the “mute” variation and he had never spoken a complete sentence – he could SING!


This young man is 25 y.o. Kyle Coleman, who not only discovered he could sing during his music therapy sessions five years ago – but has now gone on to record more individual songs and entire albums – while remaining “mute” when it comes to trying to speak!

Kyle’s newest album, Kyle, Therefore I Am, is available for purchase, with proceeds to go toward the National Autism Society (NAS) and related charities.

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