G is for Grandchildren – Granddaughters, Especially! #atozblogchallenge

G is for


Welcome to “G” day of the A to Z Blog Challenge!


G is also for GAP! Yes, it’s really me…Back to blogging after an unplanned GAP of about 12 days! Work and graduate (another “G” word) study obligations demanded my time and I had to prioritize. Now, instead of trying to catch up on 12 blog posts, I’m just going to pick up where I left off and extend my A to Z posts into May.

OK, so here’s my “official” post:

Today’s topic is

G is for Granddaughters & Grandmother!



My youngest daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughters – Easter 2017

I first learned  I would become a grandmother a little over five years ago. I was visiting my youngest daughter Joy and son-in-law Cory in New Hampshire. She walked up to me and handed me a folded napkin; inside was an apple seed. Then she told me that was about the size of my first grandchild! 🙂 Chloe Lyvia was born in September 2012.


My first granddaughter Chloe

About 2 1/2 years later, at Christmas time, Joy gave me an ornament from Chloe. It said, “Big Sister” on it! 🙂  Ava Marie was born in August 2014.


My second granddaughter Ava


Early in 2016, I was on the phone with Joy, talking about something regarding Chloe. I was talking, trying to make a point, and Joy started saying, “Mom – Mom …MOM!!!” (urgent and nearly shouting by the third “Mom”).  I finally stopped talking and asked what was wrong. She said, “Nothing. I’m just looking at a double pink line here!Pregnancy test. POSITIVE!  🙂  Lillianna Grace was born in December 2016.


Me with my third granddaughter Lillianna


And Lilly at about the same age as her sisters in those other pics…

My third granddaughter Lillianna

My son and daughter-in-law are expecting their first child…and they recently learned this little one is also going to be a girl–my FOURTH granddaughter, due in July! 🙂


Me with my son and my daughter-in-love when they visited last year!

I am enjoying being a grandmother–I just wish I lived closer to my granddaughters!

So What About YOU?


Are you a grandparent yet?


If you are, how many grandchildren do you have?





5 thoughts on “G is for Grandchildren – Granddaughters, Especially! #atozblogchallenge”
  1. I know how precious this time is for you. I have 5 grandsons ages 12-18. They are a lot of fun and it’s amazing watching them grow up heading for manhood! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. This is nothing in the world like being a grandparent. Reading your post here put a big grin on my face as I think of my own little grandkids. Thanks!

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