Fur Babies for Fun and Companionship

I make no apology for being a lover of “fur babies” because animals are such wonderful companions in the home, especially when you work from home and don’t get much chance to socialize “out there” in the real world. Hubby Dave and I now have two dogs and eight cats. All of our animals are rescue animals of one sort of another.


Both dogs came from high-kill facilities in the south and were transported up here to Maine. Five of our eight cats arrived in our back yard about seven years ago as a litter of feral kittens.  Our other three kittens, who just turned a year old, arrived as siblings rescued by one of our vet techs who fosters animals. She had taken in a pregnant mama cat who would have been euthanized; instead, she gave birth to five adorable kittens last September 1st (2015).  When we lost our oldest cat, Mack, last November, we some how ended up with three of those five kittens in his place!


Feeding Time!
             Feeding Time for Our Original Litter of Five Formerly Ferals!




Hubby and me with our Desi pup!
       Hubby and me with our Desi pup!


Me with our new pup, Zoe!
                                     Me with our pup, Zoe!



Our three younger kittens, all curled up on my desk!
   Our three younger kittens, all curled up on my desk!




A writing prompt from the Ultimate Blog Challenge I have participated in a few times was this:

Let’s Get Funny

Everyone can use a little injection of humor from time to time. 

Well, we have discovered our furry family members often provide the greatest sources of comic relief on  a daily basis! Not only does each of our 8 cats have his or her own distinct “purrsonality”  — but our pup Desi acts like she is part human, and Zoe seems to be confused and thinks she’s a cat.


For instance,  one cat, Tiger, routinely sleeps on the night stand next to my hubby’s side of the bed; when she thinks he’s gone to sleep, she “sneaks”down onto the bed, sniffs his forehead and eyebrows, and nestles into the corner of the bed next to his pillow.


Another of our cats, Lulu, doesn’t bother being sneaky – she just walks over me and wraps herself around my head. She apparently thinks I need a head warmer regardless of the weather and insists on “grooming” me! 🙂

These particular two cats also think they are my personal “quilt inspectors” …

Tiger "helping" with a quilt
        Tiger “helping” with a quilt!
Lulu "helping" with a quilt!
        Lulu “helping” with a quilt!










Little Thor with
                                  Little Thor with “big brother” Smokey!


Mr. Tabs with
                                              Mr. Tabs with “little sister” Miss Minnie!


Zoe, our  little black lab/whippet, is small enough that she climbs onto the table from the couch and lies in the cat beds to look out the picture window at the birds.

Zoe in another cat bed next to Mack
Zoe in another cat bed next to Mack (a few months before we lost him).
Zoe in cat beds by picture window.


So yeah, as you can see from the pictures, these are only a few examples of how silly and adorable our animals are sometimes – but they certainly provide some light-hearted moments, as well as some friendly, furry companionship!








What about you?


Do you own pets?


Do they also do some silly things to add levity to your day?



Two of my furry companions: Cali the kitten and Zoe the black lab.
Two of my furry companions: Cali the kitten and Zoe the black lab.



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  1. She Joh - September 13, 2016 Reply

    Awww all the fur babies are adorable! I have four dogs and they bring a lot of joy and happiness into our life! Thanks for sharing your pictures, it looks like there is never a dull moment in your house!

  2. heather phillips - September 13, 2016 Reply

    They are so cute! we have a puppy thats so silly and sometimes i swear she acts like a little kid. But thats our luna 🙂

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