Funny Things Happen with Animals in the Home

I make no apology for being a lover of “fur babies” because animals are such wonderful companions in the home, especially when you work from home and don’t get much chance to socialize “out there” in the real world.

Feeding Time!
Feeding Time!
Hubby and me with our Desi pup!
Hubby and me with our Desi pup!








Me with our new pup, Zoe!
Me with our new pup, Zoe!












The writing prompt from the Ultimate Blog Challenge for this fourth day of January is this:

Day 4: Let’s Get Funny

Everyone can use a little injection of humor from time to time. 

Well, we have discovered our furry family members often provide the greatest sources of comedy relief on  a daily basis! Not only does each of our 6 cats have his or her own distinct “purrsonality” (5 of our 6 cats arrived as a litter of feral kittens five years ago in our back yard) — but our pup Desi acts like she is part human, and Zoe seems to be confused and think she’s a cat.

For instance,  one cat, Tiger, routinely sleeps on the night stand next to my hubby’s side of the bed; when she thinks he’s gone to sleep, she “sneaks”down onto the bed, sniffs his forehead and eyebrows, and nestles into the corner of the bed next to his pillow.

Another of our cats, Lulu, doesn’t bother being sneaky – she just walks over me and wraps herself around my head. She apparently thinks I need a head warmer during this cold weather! 🙂

These particular two cats also think they are my personal “quilt inspectors” …

Tiger "helping" with a quilt
Tiger “helping” with a quilt!
Lulu "helping" with a quilt!
Lulu “helping” with a quilt!










Our hound pup Desi sits sideways on the couch with her back legs extended like human legs and her front legs draped over the back of the couch – and watches TV. Other times she sits next to my hubby in the same pose with her back legs – but then puts her front legs and paws on his desk, as if she’s imitating how he sits in front of his computer as he plays WoW! (I do have to get pictures of this!) Here she is in a similar pose, in a livingroom chair, and then in her “go crazy” pose, rolling around and making funny noises:


Desi in her "human" pose!
Desi in her “human” pose!
Desi being silly!
Desi being silly!











Zoe, our new little black lab, is small enough that she climbs onto the table from the couch and lies in the cat beds to look out the picture window at the birds.

Zoe in another cat bed next to Mack
Zoe in another cat bed next to Mack.
Zoe in cat beds by picture window.










So yeah, as you can see from the pictures, these are only a few examples of how silly our animals are sometimes – but they certainly provide some light-hearted moments, as well as some friendly, furry companionship!


What about you? Do you own pets? Do they also do some silly things to add levity to your day?


7 thoughts on “Funny Things Happen with Animals in the Home”
  1. We do have some pets, 2 cats. Which by itself is a great story. Our oldest found us, or should I say our garbage, when he was just a small kitten. We took him in, and before we were able to get him fixed, he found a neighbor cat and well we took the best of the litter, to add to our family. This is probably the least amount of pets we have had. In the past I thought we owned a zoo with 2 cats, a dog, fish, chickens and 2 lizards. No matter the number, pets add so much joy to our family. I’m glad you are able to take part in the same joy.
    Catherine recently posted..Sneak Peek at January Up-Comings

  2. We have 3 adopted dogs and 2 gunea pigs right now. All our pets have been the source of crazy funny stuff.

    One guinea pig is a he, but we’ve always called her a she.
    My daughter thinks one of our dogs is an alien.
    Another of the dogs chews his nails – like, crunches them!

    We had a tiny white old man chihuahua that left me at the door for my boyfriend one day. The dog was my birthday present but always hated me after getting him out of the pound.
    Alex recently spa products

  3. I have a dog myself so I know the love and humor they bring into your life. I enjoyed seeing the pictures. Thank you for sharing. My dog does the same thing that Desi does, laying on his back. I just can never get a picture that isn’t showing more that is appropriate. Thank you for sharing your story

  4. I have a cat and she usually bosses me around. (She used to boss the dog around too; he gave her a wide berth). If I stay up too late, she comes to reprimand me.If I get up too early, and go to the bathroom, she gets out of bed and goes to find me. She sleeps next to my pillow. When I moved downstairs to care for my mother who broke her hand, the cat would sneak onto the bed. When my mother found out, the cat had to go back upstairs. Because she wouldn’t stay put, I hae to sleep back upstairs at night.
    This cat has trained me well, according to my mom!
    Amy Bovaird recently posted..“Sister, Sister…”

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