Freedom from Fear – Free to Be Me

Happy 4th of July to all! A day to celebrate independence, liberty, and freedom.


As I pondered what this means, I thought beyond the usual topics of the national celebration  and reflected inwardly about what personal freedom means, and how often something as “simple” as feelings prevent us from enjoying freedom.


We often need to gain freedom from fear, freedom from caring what others think, and freedom to follow God’s plan for our lives, before we can truly be free to be ourselves.


“Fear seems to be an epidemic in our society.

Are you afraid of anything?

Is it rejection, failure, the past, the future, loneliness, driving, aging, the dark, heights, life, or death?

The list of fears that people experience can be endless.

You can trade in pain and paralysis for power and excitement. Don’t allow feelings of any kind to dominate you, but instead remember that God says, ‘Fear not.’

We must be determined that we will obey Him in this area. Fear may present itself as a feeling, but if we refuse to bow down to it, that is all it is…a feeling!”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional” [Day July 4]


Of course, I can’t let July 4th go by without also reflecting on the sacrifices of those who have served and do serve our country, to protect our freedoms. Both of my parents were veterans, and I have numerous friends who have served or are serving. I appreciate all that they have given/do give  – them, and their families.

What about you? What do you appreciate about this country, if you’re an American, or your own country, wherever you live?  What does freedom mean to YOU?



6 thoughts on “Freedom from Fear – Free to Be Me”
  1. All of my grandpas, dad and brother served and it definitely changes how a person views a day like today. Its easy to take it for granted until I hear the stories. Especially from my brother who served 18 months in Iraq. They all definitely need our prayers.
    Miranda recently posted..The 4th of July

  2. It was a pleasure reading your blog today. I’m proud to be an American and grateful for the freedom I enjoy. For me, freedom is also about feeling comfortable in my own skin. For so long I felt attached to what other people thought and lived my life based on their opinions and expectations of me. Thank you for reminding me how far I’ve come.

  3. Fear is such a biggie. It seems to be the main thing I see holding people back from going for their dreams. As a new entrepreneur, I know it comes up for me all the time as well. Thank you so much for the great post and perfect topic!

  4. I live in England, where freedom is the right of all. Of course, some people still have to agitate for it, but on the whole, the laws are pretty solid.
    The only freedom I lack is of my own design. I can’t walk unaided, and I can’t reverse age. What a future it would be if we could do those things.
    Francene Stanley recently posted..July 5th

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