First Motivation Monday in October: Conceive, Believe, and Achieve

Motivation Monday:

Conceive, Believe, and Achieve



It’s the first Motivation Monday of October on my blog today!

Happy October 1st – already! I don’t know where the second half of September went, but I obviously missed blogging for the past couple of weeks! Still working on finding balance in my now full-time work schedule so I can also do OTHER things I enjoy doing, like blogging and sewing! So for awhile, I’m browsing older posts to re-publish, and this mini-series seemed especially relevant right now.

This cross-stitch piece (made by my mom-in-law), in the photo above, contains different sayings that all essentially mean, “You can do it!” as the first line states. I thought each of the four sayings might serve as good topics for Motivation Monday posts:

*Today (10-1): Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

*Next Monday (10-8): Faith removes limitations.

*In two weeks (10-15): Keep on keeping on.

*In three weeks (10-22): Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success.




So for today, let’s explore this one:

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

I had to do some research and discovered on a site called The Mind Unleashed that this is a quote by Napoleon Hill, an entrepreneur and proponent of positive thinking in the mid 1900s (feels strange to even write that, since I was born in 1958!) He wrote a book called Think and Grow Rich, which sold more than 20 million copies by the time of Hill’s death in 1970.

The full quote actually says, “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve, regardless of how many times you may have failed in the past.”

Related to this quote is the concept behind the Law of Attraction, which emphasizes making positive affirmations to manifest the things you are believing will happen. The key, however, is in fact belief, not merely spouting off words or chants to try to magically force something to happen or to manifest.

Furthermore, we often fail to achieve the things we conceive, because we don’t truly believe. Instead, limiting beliefs act as a hurdle or barrier to prevent what we’re endeavoring to achieve.



HOWEVER…I do think common sense needs to bring balance to the conceiving, believing, and achieving. I’ve heard some people caution against the “name it and claim it” or “blab it and grab it” mentality. That sounds reasonable to me, because again, this is not some magical incantation that will force things to happen. Words do have power, for good or bad, and there is some truth to the concept of speaking things into existence. But we have to be careful about what we say, and combine belief with effort, to achieve those things that are reasonable and appropriate for us in our lives.


So What About YOU?


Do you believe this quote is accurate?


Have you practiced speaking positive affirmations, and in fact, seen dreams come to fruition in your life?



**Next Monday: “Faith removes limitations.”




38 thoughts on “First Motivation Monday in October: Conceive, Believe, and Achieve”
  1. I do use affirmations. I find they work the best when I can achieve a feeling tone that is coherent with them, rather than just saying the words. Getting better at it over time1

  2. I was a soccer coach for years and one of my rules was to be positive. Any criticism should be couched in a positive helpful way to help the player move forward. This eventually grew into to the realization that telling someone not to do something was very difficult for them. When you say “don’t do X” you are not giving them an alternative for the situation. when you give them what to do in a situation suddenly achievement happens and its an opportunity for lots of affirmation. It works off the soccer pitch too.

  3. Mind over matter, it’s a real thing. Obviously we can’t break the laws of physics, but if we don’t believe in ourselves who will believe in us?

  4. I have a friend who says this quote all the time! He had a very difficult childhood in another country and is now a successful businessman living in the US. This idea certainly rings true for him!

  5. I love the quote you added that says “never underestimate your own strength”. It is so true that your mind can be so powerful.

  6. Woah! This is something I definitely needed to read today. I just started a new job last week, and I’ve already been doubting myself. This definitely helped give me a new perspective and a push to chance my mindset.

  7. This quote is similar to what my previous boss once told me: whether you think you or you think you can’t, I believe you”. I’ve been trying to teach my oldest son, who is 5 years old, the power of positive thinking.

  8. “Never underestimate your own strength” This is really indeed. We have different ability in life you need to trust yourself and you can do it! powerful inspiring post from you!

  9. I love the never underestimate your own strength line. I think you always need to be aware of reality and adjust your goals but I also think you should shoot for the stars and go big!

  10. I try to stay motivated and go on. It’s not always easy, and affirmations help sometimes. We do need to remember that as long as we want to. we can achieve a lot, if not anything!

  11. I do believe that speaking things into existence and affirmations absolutely are powerful things, but you have to be prepared to take the steps to make those things happen. I can sit in my empty living room and say that I’m going to have ice cream and it isn’t going to magically jump into a bowl and float to the table in front of me!

  12. Lovely thought I personally believe it is incredibly important that I share the meaning of this quote with you because it can change your entire outlook on success and maybe even give you the breakthrough you need to take the next step.

  13. It is amazing what we can achieve if we just put ourselves in the right mindset. You definitely have to believe in yourself to make things happen!

  14. Such a great post and love all the beautiful quotes that has been used in this article very inspiring and motivating.

  15. Love the quote: *Today (10-1): Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Feeling motivated already just reading this beautiful post – thank you so much x

  16. This really is a motivating post indeed. I definitely agree with the sentiments in the quotes here. Believing in yourself creates achievement

  17. Making a list of things you want to do/accomplish this summer is the first step. By creating a list, you have something to reflect on at the end of the summer. Some of the items don’t have to be specific, like: work out more, read a book. Some of the items may be specific like: go to the beach with your family, write 3 blog posts a week. By writing down a list (and not just making one in your head) you can hold yourself accountable for how much you really accomplish.

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