Finally Friday: Want to Prevent Procrastination? Remove Barriers and Improve Self-Control

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Finally Friday’s Topic: Procrastination


It’s finally Friday, for real, and here on my blog!


Hurray for the upcoming weekend!

I’ve been looking back over stats for this blog, and this particular post has received the most views of all time, so far – over 1100!  So I thought I would re-publish it, with a few updated modifications, and see what happens. It seems it might be a timely post as we head into a new season and the last few months of 2018.

This post was part of a series I did a couple years ago, titled, “Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose.”  Today’s post discusses how procrastination is a barrier and indicates a lack of self-control.



  It’s really humbling (and embarrassing) to look back over decades of my life (yes, DECADES – I’m 60 now!) and see how procrastination has unfortunately been a constant companion. I am more determined than ever to overcome and pull down this stronghold to make the latter half of my life more victorious than the first half.


Procrastination tends to be the enemy of precision, of establishing a schedule with specific tasks at designated times and on set days–not “someday” or”whenever.”



These are areas I can identify as barriers and struggles in my own life. So perhaps my pain can be your gain, if these are yours as well, and you can learn from my mistakes.


Scheduling and meeting deadlines.

Procrastination can be a barrier to getting things done on a timely basis.  If we keep the “I’ll get to it whenever” mentality, we typically end up being late or missing a deadline altogether. If we don’t write something down and schedule it in as soon as we know about it, we can likewise forget about something important until it’s too late to take care of it.


Striving for better health.

Procrastination can be a barrier to better health. The longer we put off changing our lifestyles by eating better, exercising, and cutting out bad, unhealthy habits, the more chance there is that we will open the door to weight gain and health problems related to being overweight and not eating properly. The longer we put off making changes, the more weight we will gain; the longer it will take to lose the excess pounds, and the more strain we put on our bodies.


Building better relationships.

Procrastination can be a barrier to better relationships. If we put off or neglect to address issues that exist in our relationships with others–spouses, significant others, children, parents, siblings, friends, co-workers, colleagues–what may be a little thing that could be easily addressed at the time, can morph into a huge problem that threatens to damage or destroy the relationship.


Maintaining peace of mind.

Procrastination can be a barrier to gaining and maintaining peace of mind. For example, every time we put off doing something we know we should do, the more that task and its impending deadline torment us and cause anxiety, frustration, and even physical illness.

On the subject of procrastination indicating a lack of self-control, to paraphrase one of Joyce Meyer’s quotes, it takes self-control to DO as well as NOT to do something. It’s our choice whether or not to acknowledge and confront those areas of our lives where we lack self-control.


In other words, we can choose to exercise self-control to prevent and overcome procrastination…or not!



I offer examples of my own areas of weakness in order to help anyone reading or interested in this topic. I’ve realized I *MUST* confront these areas of my life if I’m ever going to have complete victory.

These are areas I can admit, to my shame, that represent struggles with self-control related to procrastination.


   Not managing my time well and missing deadlines, or not getting enough sleep because I’ve left too much to do in too little time.


   Over-committing to do something, or getting wrapped up in big plans or projects, without completely thinking through the process and demands…or the “big picture.”


   Intending to eat better, but not always planning ahead soon enough and settling for something less nutritious–or skipping a meal completely.


   Intending to do a full workout, but lingering too long reading or socializing on Facebook, which cuts into that time and I end up doing an abbreviated workout, or none at all.


Nothing is so fatiguing as

the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.

~William James


So what about you, if you dare to share?


Do you agree that procrastination is a barrier?


In what ways do you identify procrastination as a barrier in your life?


What areas of life tend to trip up your ability to exercise self-control to either do the right thing or to not do the wrong thing?


22 thoughts on “Finally Friday: Want to Prevent Procrastination? Remove Barriers and Improve Self-Control”
  1. This is something I need to remember every single day! I want to overcome procastination. I have been struggling with since then. Thank you for posting and allowing us to start our day right

  2. I have always struggled with procrastination. I was able to get by in school (with good grades, even) with procrastinating, but out in the “real world,” working at home, it’s not as forgiving! Now that there is no real accountability, procrastination is something that can really set me back from my goals, so I just have to push through & forget about perfectionism. (That was always the biggest factor for me – i wanted that paper/project/etc. to be perfect, so I just never had the motivation to start because it was so overwhelming!)

    – cassy |

  3. This article is so great! I have been working on being disciplined. It has helped me lose weight and get a better schedule in my home but I still have a while to go. I do struggle a little with procrastination and now have some great tips.

  4. I loved when you wrote ” Intending to eat better, but not always planning ahead soon enough and settling for something less nutritious–or skipping a meal completely.” I could totally relate because I am on a similar health journey.

  5. Intending to eat better, but not always planning ahead soon enough and settling for something less nutritious–or skipping a meal completely. Thanks for your transparency.

  6. I have to have everything written down on a to do list. As long as I have that, and they have specific deadlines, I get them done. When I have a list of things I need to get done “soon” they don’t tend to happen for a while.

  7. OMG, I can relate to this post so much. we have the same pain and I’m still working on improving it. I’m so bad at meeting deadlines, and I can’t not make myself be on time with my tasks.

  8. Consistency is key! I always have such a hard time with it. I notice when I make an effort to be more consistent I don’t procrastinate as much

  9. I definitely agree with you that procrastination is a terrible thing. BUT, on the other hand, I also think that as occidental human beings we are too demanding on single individuals (and with ourselves) to be hyperproductive. In fact, although we are capable of being super productive all the time, this is not entirely a healthy thing. If you socialize on facebook instead of working out… it means you also needed that break. I spend a lot of time alone and also I work out alone in silence. I don’t get many chances to socialize, it is not healthy for me to feel guilty of having socialised on facebook instead of doing “something more productive” because we are human beings, and human are social creatures, not robots.
    That, I said it, lol.
    Another thing is systematically avoiding to do something because you can’t face the problem. For years I put off visiting a doctor for my health problems, just because I unconsciously didn’t want to deal with those problems or didn’t want to admit them. Well, that’s a big issue. But in the daily tasks, leaving the folding and ironing for another day is my life… I wash right away, but never iron, because I hate it, and If I could I would delegate it on someone else, but then there is nobody!! hahaha well, that is I don’t feel guilty because I chill and watch tv instead of ironing.

  10. Procrastination is one of my worst qualities. It seems like you are always in a rush when you procrastinate, it can definitely be a terrible feeling. These are great things to work on, thanks for sharing!

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