Finally Friday: Reflecting on our Feral Kitten Saga 8 Years Ago!

Feral Kittens!!

              Our 5 feral kittens in their kitty condo!

On this Friday, halfway through September, I’m thinking about an adventure that began 8 years ago this month when a litter of five feral kittens showed up in our yard!


We started noticing these tiny feral kittens (smaller than squirrels) here and there around our yard. We saw the mama cat a couple of times, but she didn’t stick around.  One night around dusk, we saw five of these little kittens together under the bird feeders, looking for food.


We knew then we had to catch them, with an inevitable cold Maine winter approaching. So we rented one of those “safe” traps and managed to catch the first four kittens within a couple weeks. We kept them in a large box, with a screen clipped to the opening.


                     The first four ferals – only one left to catch!



Dave holding little Smokey to “socialize” him


Dave built this “kitty condo” at the end of his desk, and attached a screen to the front of it.





Two or three weeks went by, and we hadn’t seen the fifth kitten and were afraid something had happened to him. Until…we heard commotion in the yard, looked out, and there he was in the trap!



We had one older cat at the time, a Maine coon cat name Mack (or Mackster – sadly, we lost him a couple years ago), and he wasn’t too impressed with the new arrivals!



They stayed in there until we had a chance to get them to the vet and to socialize them.



After visiting the vet, including getting shots, and receiving a clean bill of health, we took the screen off the front of the condo and let the kittens run free.




It’s funny, because they often returned to the condo–or to the space where it WAS–even after Dave took it down!


We thought we would keep a couple kittens and find homes for the others. BUT … after cuddling with them for a month or so, there was no way we could part with any of them! So they joined our family and are still with us today.



So What About YOU?


Are you glad it’s finally Friday?


Did you do anything special or reflect on any special memories?


Have you ever rescued and/or fostered animals?


Feeding time for the formerly feral kittens!





3 thoughts on “Finally Friday: Reflecting on our Feral Kitten Saga 8 Years Ago!”
  1. They are so cute! You did a great job!
    We take care of a stray cat, and it’s such a great experience to have such a wonderful animal in our lives.

  2. Such a sweet story. I always WISHED a cat would show up at my doorstep, like I’d heard happened to other people. But it has never happened. Anyway, our most recent arrival…several years ago now…was one we found when we were traveling. He is the best & sweetest cat. We love him so much.

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