Finally Friday: Errands and Projects…and MORE Projects

Running Errands


Working on Projects


Pieces laid out for lap-size quilt


It’s Finally Friday again! 🙂  It has been a busy day, mostly offline, although I’m bookending my day with being online. 😉

Here’s a brief summary of my Friday:

  I started the day wrapping up another chapter of assessment questions for one of my current clients.  I mentioned this assessment writing process in yesterday’s post, if you didn’t read it and happen to be interested. 🙂

Next, I discussed the shopping list with my hubby, Dave. He works four 10-hour days from Monday to Thursday as a metal fabricator, so he normally has Fridays off unless there’s a big project that needs to be completed.

Then, I set off on my journeys. We only have one car, which Dave uses all week, so Fridays and Saturdays are usually my days to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!  🙂

Driving along, singing a song… [Source: morgueFile free photos]

I had to make some of the usual, perhaps mundane stops, like to the post office (yay, one of my checks for my freelance work arrived!), gas station, and credit union… then onto the stores.


First stop, Dollar Tree, for some of the basics at only $1 each, instead of paying much more elsewhere.


Next stop, in the same mall, one of my favorite places: Jo-Ann Fabrics! Since my check came, I decided to “indulge” in “building” a quilt. This just means I selected the fabrics to go with a quilt design I saw in one of my quilting magazines. I really enjoy lining up the bolts of fabric and visualizing them as a finished quilt. It’s not like I *NEEDED* another project, since I am already finishing THREE quilts (like the one at the beginning of this post) for orders, plus working on baby quilts for my 8-month-old granddaughter AND for my newest granddaughter who was just born last month. But anyone who makes quilts knows…sometimes you just HAVE to start a new one, just because! 😉  Here’s the design and the fabric…

fabric, quilt magazine, log cabin design
                  NEW quilt project that begged to be “kreated” 😉

Then I made my trip to Walmart for a number of items, and finally wrapped up my few hours of errands and shopping at Hannaford Supermarket (New England chain of grocery stores that was founded in Portland, Maine).


By the time I got home, it was about supper time, so I took care of that, washed the dishes, and then FINALLY got back online with my laptop to catch up on emails, social media, AND blogging! 😉


I actually still plan to put some more time into finishing the quilt pictured at the beginning of the post before I go to bed.


So that has been MY Friday! 🙂

So What About YOURS?


Did you do anything special today?


Are you always happy to see Friday finally arrive, in anticipation of the weekend?


                                             Cotton candy clouds!






2 thoughts on “Finally Friday: Errands and Projects…and MORE Projects”
  1. Today, I went to the library, the farmers market, and picked up my share from the local farm (community supported agriculture). Then I made zucchini with quinoa stuffing. It was supposed to be zucchini boats but the zucchini was enormous so it was more like a zucchini cruise ship!

  2. I did nothing this Friday as it was the last one before School begins so my son had a friend spend the night on Wednesday and Thursday and since we are like you with only one car on Friday we just hung out at the house and the kids played here or another friends house. Till Kayden’s mom picked him up they we went to Arby’s to grab dinner and home where I crawled into bed and read till bedtime. Nothing exciting but like with Quilts I had a stack of books to read and want to get more this weekend. Because you can never have to many books…
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