Finally Friday and Finally Back to Blogging – Reflecting on Goals and Looking Forward to 2018





Happy December 1st!

Wow, where did the rest of November go, after my last post on November 4th, letting you know about the historic “Super Storm” we experienced here in Maine??  Sorry for my absence since then, but I had to prioritize and catch up on freelance work and other projects for the rest of the month, and then of course, last week was Thanksgiving. I hope you had a nice one!

But really, where did the YEAR of 2017 go, for that matter? Any time is the right time to reflect on, review, and revise our goals. Entering the last month of 2017, however, gives some special incentive to do so.



So this is NOT about the proverbial “New Year’s Resolutions” type of goals. We all know what usually happens to THOSE even before January goes by. I’m talking about proactive plans to reach goals.


I have divided mine into several primary categories, as you will see below. My personal list is much longer and more detailed, but I thought I would share a more generalized, briefer version here, just in case anyone is interested and/or it may prove helpful or motivational for someone else.


     Freelance Work

I have a few clients right now with various contract lengths and terms. The freelance life is a fluid entity, where long-term or permanent work is a rarity (at least in my experience of 10 years so far!), but I always appreciate the work when I have it to do!


     Entrepreneurial Endeavors

I still need to put more effort into my K’Lee’s Kreations business – this includes building up an inventory of “ready to sell” items, as well as promoting my custom orders, and getting all my various sites up and running. My initial plan was to have my main site feature the entire business, then use smaller sites to feature specialized areas or products.

I’ve been debating the wisdom of that initial plan and thinking “simplify” for greater peace of mind! Now, instead of having numerous sites and monthly fees elsewhere, I’m moving everything but my Etsy shop here to WordPress … so stay tuned! 😉

For both freelance and entrepreneurial goals, I need to put more effort into promoting and marketing myself. I need to better maximize the potential of Pinterest and Instagram for my businesses.


     Professional Development

I still would like to take courses or otherwise learn more about grant writing, white papers, press releases, ebooks, and those types of specialized areas of writing that I see job leads for frequently.


     Educational Goals

On June 26th this year, I finally achieved my ultimate goal of earning my doctoral degree, specifically an Ed.D. (Doctor of Education) degree in a dual concentration of Educational Technology and E-Learning. This was a fully online program through Northcentral University (NCU).

I want to use this degree to eventually obtain better and higher paying jobs in instructional design, curriculum/course development, assessment writing, and online tutoring/course facilitation.

Ever the lifelong learner, I still have interest in pursuing additional education in other areas of interest and plan to do so in 2018.


     Personal Goals

*Achieve better health – lose weight (about 40 lbs. to go!), eat better, get more sleep, exercise regularly.

*Blog consistently and begin earning residual income from blogging – still learning about the monetization aspect of blogging! (NOTE: If you have gift items to sell for the holidays – check out my current Ad Space Special!)

*Write my next book, finally – my “fire story” from 1985.

*Allow for more “me” time to do whatever – or nothing – without feeling guilty!

*Stash money away in hubby’s and my joint savings account, and in my IRA, on a consistent basis.

*Do something “crafty-creative” every day – whether it’s working on an actual project, or skimming through magazines and books for ideas, or designing/planning the next project.

*Pay off debts and eventually sell this home and buy a new one in New Hampshire (back to NH for me), so I can be near my two youngest daughters and sons-in-law…AND three of my four granddaughters!


So What About YOU?


Do you routinely reflect on, review, and revise your goals?


Do you have goals for this holiday season, through the end of the year, and into 2018?






6 thoughts on “Finally Friday and Finally Back to Blogging – Reflecting on Goals and Looking Forward to 2018”
  1. Dr. K,
    I just left a lengthy response here – but it disappeared – so I am writing again.
    Your post reminded me of what Tony Robbins once said, to paraphrase: “We overestimate what we can accomplish in 1 year and we underestimate what we can accomplish in 10 years.”
    In 2017, I created 3 successful virtual summits interviewing leading experts, was a featured speaker on 10 other virtual summits and several radio shows and podcasts. I wrote fewer blog posts or articles than in the past because those summits took an enormous amount of time.
    When I look back over the past 10 years, however, I have done so many different things – created books, ebooks, kindle books, a novel, my Healing Through Love Seminar Series, my Love Me Touch Me Heal Me Video Series, several live presentations, several webinars, dozens of videos, an ASK campaign series, over 100 blog talk radio shows, hundreds of articles at different article sites, created numerous web sites, several Facebook pages and groups, other social media pages, and so much more that I can’t currently recall.
    The key is to keep taking steps, small steps, doing what is right in front of me to do.
    So now, my big bodacious goal for 2018 is to monetize what I have already created, to speak on stages and online to a much wider audience and to help 1000’s of people or more to create love for oneself as they go about living life and pursuing their goals and dreams.

    Dr. Erica

  2. Congratulations on earning your degree! 2017 has been year of shock and turmoil for me, so my immediate goal is simply to keep it together until I’m through the worst of it. Once I’m to the other side, my main goals are to grow my freelance business and to blog regularly again. I’m keeping it simple and achievable for now.
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  3. I always reevaluate during this time of year, as well. When reflecting on my goals from last year, I did meet some of them. They turned out to be beneficial. But there were others that I wish I had stuck with.

  4. I read ages ago that your personal new year is actually your birthday, not New Year’s Eve, and that really resonated with me, so I tend to hold off on goal setting until the week of my birthday, I keep those in a separate journal, and re-read my old entries to see how many of them came true already and use them for ideas for my new year of goal setting.
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  5. Oh gosh, I don’t know where the year’s gone either! I feel like there is a lot I want to achieve next year too and I really should sit down and plan it or I feel it will never happen. My bog target is to get the whole family over to the UK in the summer to visit family. It’s expensive and logistically difficult so it needs planning!

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