Facing Your Fears and Moving Forward – Part 4 of 9

Welcome back to part 4 of my 9-part  series reflecting on fears confronted, lessons learned, and progress made – and then taking all that new found wisdom to build a plan for success as we focus forward on the second half of 2013.

Here’s a brief recap:

*On Friday, 7/5,  I reflected on fears that I have faced in 2012 and earlier this year, mentioned how we often fear both the known and the unknown, and reminded us that Jesus knew what it was like to face fear and provided us with an example to follow in how to handle fear.

*On Saturday, 7/6, I shared the devotional thought, written by author Max Lucado, regarding the connection between worry and fear, and expanded on what Jesus endured in His battle against fear.

*On Sunday, 7/7, I discussed how our fears and worries drain our energy and prevent us from enjoying our lives.

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For today,  I want to address how clinging to our past fears and failures often prevent us from moving forward. Anyone who has watched the Disney movie, Lion King, probably recalls the line Pumbaa misspoke about “putting your behind in the past.” While a little twisted and comical as spoken in the animated movie, it nevertheless has some valuable truth to it.

Unless we are willing and able to leave our past failures behind us, or if we insist on dragging them with us, we can never really be successful in our present life or our future. Once again, I’d like to share some wisdom from Joyce Meyer:

A lot of people let the past dictate their future. Don’t do that! Get past your past. We all have a past, but we also all have a future.

Don’t let your past failures leave you hopeless about your future success. Your future has no room in it for the failures of the past…just because you have failed at some things does not make you a failure.

You have to let go in order to go on!

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”  [Day Oct. 26]

What do you think of this idea? Do you find it difficult to let go of past failures, even though you could have more success in your present life without the burdens of the past overshadowing you? I envision an ugly buzzard flying overhead, since we’re dragging around something that would be better left buried–so that WE don’t become the buzzard’s target!


5 thoughts on “Facing Your Fears and Moving Forward – Part 4 of 9”
  1. You’re right. There comes a time when you have to put the past failures, hurts, and fears behind you and move on. A time to journey forward and blaze a new trail. This is actually what I am in the process of doing in my life right now. It takes strength and courage to stay strong and persevere.

    Life With Lorelai recently posted..Writer’s Block…Well Sort Of…

  2. Hi K’Lee! I’m stopping by from UBC.

    I love the way you recapped your post for those of us (me) stopping by for the first time. I gave up living in my past and allowing my fears to dictate my present and my future. It’s hard work to face down all the false evidence appearing real, but so worth it. When fear raises its head inside my head I question it. It slinks back to its corner after the second question. It’s a one line argument. After the second question, fear has no response.

    Nice to meet you!

    Peggy Nolan
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