Facing Your Fears and Moving Forward – Part 1

So how is everyone doing on this day after the 4th of July, for those who celebrated it here in America?

After getting such positive responses from my first few posts for the UBC this month so far – and drawing from earlier related posts on the subject of facing fears – I thought I would revive my series on facing fears, since those posts also seemed to stir up a lot of conversation.

So from now until next weekend, I will repeat a slightly revised version of my “facing fears – focusing forward” series of 9 posts.

Since we are now beginning the second half of 2013, I  thought it would be a good time to reflect on fears confronted, lessons learned, and progress made – and then take all that to build a plan for success as we focus forward on the second half of 2013.

One lesson I have learned – I too often procrastinate, put things off, and don’t finish what I start – like blog challenges! So I plan to do a series of posts from now until July 13th, on these topics of taking lessons learned in the first half of the year to create an action plan for success in the second half of the year.

For this first post of the series, I want to borrow part of a note I published on Facebook awhile back, particularly addressing the issue of facing fears.


Sometimes you have to adjust the focus to get direction.

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As so often happens, I derived inspiration this morning from reading some devotional thoughts that then prompted a lengthy reflection and revelation. I want to share this in hopes it will likewise touch others who may need to hear this.

Do you struggle with fear of the known or unknown?

Have you ever considered that Jesus knows what it’s like to be afraid? Think about the mobs of angry religious folks who followed Him around, threatening to injure and kill Him, and the demons and Satan himself who taunted and confronted Jesus.

Think about His time in the Garden of Gethsemane, sweating drops of blood, asking the Father for a reprieve on what Jesus knew must happen – and then He accepted God’s will and prayed for strength to face what was ahead of Him – knowing that suffering and death awaited Him.

I am thinking about many times I’ve been afraid…

I especially remember the terror of being trapped in a second floor apartment because of a raging fire.

I remember praying loudly and specifically, “Jesus, help me! Help me get us out of here alive!” The “us” was my 3 y.o. son, my 4 m.o. daughter, the 2 y.o. autistic child I was babysitting, and myself.

I remember the utter fear and anxiety about the idea of dropping those small children – and my infant daughter – one by one, out that second story window, into the waiting outstretched  arms of the two police officers who had arrived before the fire department.

Yet… God was there, He knew my fear, He provided His protection and calmed my fears enough to save all the children and myself. I’m convinced His hand and His angels stood between us and the wall of flames which then chased me out the window as soon as I had cleared it in my plunge to the ground.

God was there as I faced the fear of death and He carried me through the valley of the shadow of death for about two to three days before bringing me out the other side to full consciousness, to tell this story and give Him praise and glory for the life the children and I still have.

Jesus understands fear and distress, as does Father God, Who had to watch Jesus suffer and die, and Who comforts us as we face hardships and fears, and endure suffering and death.


For the rest of this post – I thought I would mention fears I have faced over the past several months:

*Concerns about family members and friends in a variety of life areas.

*Concerns over relationships with family, friends, and business associates and clients.

*Concerns over personal health issues.

*Concerns over finances.

*Concerns over not having enough freelance work – as well as having too much, and not being able to keep up with it.

*Concerns over not meeting expectations, on personal and professional levels.

Yet through all these things – God has been faithful and I have learned I just need to take my concerns to God, and gain confidence from Him to overcome the concerns, face the fears head on, and focus forward instead.

How about you? What kinds of fears have you encountered and confronted so far this year? How have you overcome them and how will you use what you have learned to build a better action plan for the second half of 2013, including finishing any blog challenges you join?


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16 thoughts on “Facing Your Fears and Moving Forward – Part 1”
  1. Wow! That is really amazing about saving the children from the fire. In my Bible lesson this week was the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, and how their trust in God brought them through the “burning, fiery furnace.” Some coincidence!

    I guess that is how I am overcoming the issues I have faced and am facing this year. Thanks for the reminder and sharing the word.
    Amy Kinnaird recently posted..Crazy Videos I Have Made

  2. Karen, This is such an encouragement to me! I guess we all struggle with fear to some extent. Fear of doing less than perfect is one of my biggies. “I can’t do it perfectly so I just won’t do it.” I’ve been struck over and over in the scriptures how often God says “Do not fear . . .” so He understands our human weakness where fear is concerned. This comforts me. Thanks for this, today, I really needed to read it!
    Amy recently posted..Comfort Measures: Natural itch relief for Chicken Pox

  3. I love the faith acronym.

    A great post! Thanks for the reminder that Jesus knows our fears.

    God bless!

  4. As I face particular challenges (fears) I say, “Thank you God for the ability to . . . ” God has put these challenges before us and He will see it through in His time and in His way. Thank you for revising these posts!
    Heather recently posted..Summer of Transition

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