Facing Your Fears and Moving Forward-Part 3 of 9

Happy first Sunday in July! Welcome to part 3 of my 9-part  series reflecting on fears confronted, lessons learned, and progress made – and then taking all that new found wisdom to build a plan for success as we focus forward on the second half of 2013.

Here’s a brief recap:

*On Friday, 7/5,  I reflected on fears that I have faced in 2012 and earlier this year, mentioned how we often fear both the known and the unknown, and reminded us that Jesus knew what it was like to face fear and provided us with an example to follow in how to handle fear.

*On Saturday, 7/6, I shared the devotional thought, written by author Max Lucado, regarding the connection between worry and fear, and expanded on what Jesus endured in His battle against fear.

For today’s post, I want to discuss how our fears and worries drain our energy and prevent us from enjoying our lives. I often share tidbits from various publications I own, including many written by Joyce Meyer,  one of my favorite Bible teachers and motivational speakers. This is another one of those times; let’s look at what Joyce says about not allowing worries and fears to affect us negatively:

“You don’t have to go through life worrying and trying to figure out how to solve all your problems. Think about all the things you have worried about in your life and how they have all worked out…

That ought to help you realize that worry and reasoning are a waste of time and energy. Stop worrying. Stop complicating your life by trying to figure out everything. Just admit that you don’t know, that you are not able, that you need God.

Then go on living, and enjoy life while God is giving you the answers.”

–Joyce Meyer in New Day New You [Day Nov. 2]


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What do you think? Have you noticed how worrying about and fearing something really does drain your energy, increase your stress, and really accomplish nothing positive? I have heard many mothers, especially, say something like, “It’s my job to worry.” I think I probably said it myself  a few times!

Yeah, I’m thinking we must STOP doing that!! It’s not our job to worry – it’s our job to TRUST God and to stop worrying, so those things we worry about won’t develop into overwhelming fears, which sometimes materialize as self-fulfilling prophesies.


5 thoughts on “Facing Your Fears and Moving Forward-Part 3 of 9”
  1. Ooh, I love that Mother Teresa quote. I need to write it down and hang it in every room of my house. Worrying is truly draining in every sense of the word and can create so much unnecessary stress. It is important to remember to be in the moment and experience everything as it comes not as you fear it may unfold.

  2. I am a “worry wart” as my hubby calls me. I worry about every little thing and I almost drive myself insane with the “what ifs” of any given situation. Even once something is over, I often let the possibilities of how it could have turned out get to me. I am working on this..but as you’ve said, it isn’t easy. However, it will be worth it!
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  3. Well said, we must stop worrying and start trusting more! I just watched a movie today called ‘I am’ which pretty much emphasizes exactly what you pointed out in your post today. When men start cooperate and care for each other, instead of competing, then this world will change immensely 🙂

  4. “It’s my job to worry.” that’s what I will tell you too. Lucky for me, my job is an easy one so I don’t need to worry about that. My main worry is my son and husband. For my son it will be his health, his school work, his behaviour, his future. For my husband its his health, is he eating well (he spends more time then me outside working), his work stability etc.

    I think human are born as a worrywart, especially women. Some get control of themselves and move on, some just can’t get out of it.
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