Facing Fears-Focusing Forward-Part 7 of 9

Life obligations prevented me from completing my “Sunday series” on the topic of Facing Fears-Focusing Forward toward 2013. Well, 2013 is obviously here, but since it’s still early January, here is part 7 of my 9-part series.

Brief recap:

* Sunday, 11/4: I reflected on fears that I have faced in 2012 and mentioned that a certain devotional reading had prompted that reflection.

* Sunday, 11/11: I shared the devotional thought, written by author Max Lucado, regarding the connection between worry and fear.

* Sunday, 11/18: I shared how our fears and worries drain our energy and prevent us from enjoying our lives.

* Sunday, 11/25: I shared how clinging to our past fears and failures often prevent us from moving forward or having success in our present daily life, and may interfere with our future.

*Sunday, 12/2: I addressed the idea of “stepping out to find out” (Joyce Meyer’s phrase) in order to learn if we are heading in the right direction.

*Sunday, 12/9: I addressed the initial inspiration and title of this series: Focusing Forward, regarding how many times we regret past decisions, actions…or really, anything negative about our past, for that matter, and allow those regrets to make us miserable now.


For Part 7, here’s the topic: Shrug Therapy, otherwise known as learning to cast all our “cares” — anxieties, fears, and concerns — on God, because He has promised to take care of us (Bible verse in I Peter 5:7). I can’t claim credit for the term “Shrug Therapy” – that came from Joyce Meyer and refers to the idea of shrugging off those cares and concerns.

Shrugging is not meant to be an apathetic gesture of not caring – rather, it indicates an acknowledgement of the existence in our lives of things we honestly can’t control. As Joyce said in “New Day New You” (for the devotional thought on August 17):


How you react to things you can’t control helps determine your stress level and quality of health. The low-stress approach is to shrug things off. Life happens. Do your best, pray, and God will do the rest!


I think this is another important step toward leaving the past behind and focusing forward. If we can get beyond worries and fears over past problems, so we don’t project those into the present and future, we can more successfully move ahead into this new year of 2013 with less stress, greater confidence, and more peace.

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How about you? Do you tend to let cares get the best of you? What do you think of applying “Shrug Therapy” instead?


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  1. Stepping out in faith is difficult given the human condition. I truly appreciate this series you are writing and look forward to the rest. Do you have a similar idea for February?
    Heather recently posted..January 11, 2008

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