Facing Fears – Focusing Forward – Part 6 of 9

Belated greetings to the December 9th edition of my Sunday series on the topic of Facing Fears-Focusing Forward toward 2013. I was not able to post this past Sunday, but here is part 6 of my 9-part series.

Brief recap:

* Sunday, 11/4: I reflected on fears that I have faced this year and mentioned that a certain devotional reading had prompted that reflection.

* Sunday, 11/11: I shared the devotional thought, written by author Max Lucado, regarding the connection between worry and fear.

* Sunday, 11/18: I shared how our fears and worries drain our energy and prevent us from enjoying our lives.

* Sunday, 11/25: I shared how clinging to our past fears and failures often prevent us from moving forward or having success in our present daily life, and may interfere with our future.

*Sunday, 12/2: I addressed the idea of “stepping out to find out” (Joyce Meyer’s phrase) in order to learn if we are heading in the right direction.

For Sunday, 12/9, the intended topic was the initial inspiration and title of this series: Focusing Forward. How many times do we regret past decisions, actions…or really, anything negative about our past, for that matter, and allow those regrets to make us miserable now?

It’s as if we’re walking forward, but looking over our shoulders – or perhaps we’re even walking forward, but totally facing backward! How can we focus forward, focus on our present and our future, if all our energies are instead focused on the past?

When we become discouraged, we could benefit from making some positive affirmations – and truly believe them and act on them, to help us change our mindset.

Once again, I want to draw from the wisdom of Joyce Meyer, using her suggestions – try saying these on a daily basis – or whenever you feel discouragement threatening to overwhelm you:

I am not going to live in bondage anymore.

I cannot do anything about what I have done in the past, but I can do something about my future.

I am going to enjoy my life and have what Jesus died for me to have.

I am going to let go of the past and go on pursuing God from this day forth!

–Joyce Meyer, “New Day New You”  [Day July 5]

Who’s with me?  We can’t continue looking backward and allowing regrets and discouragement to hold us captive, if we truly want to FOCUS FORWARD and take steps toward a brighter present – and future!

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