Exercise – Your Creativity!

Well, don’t ignore the other kind of exercise, either – especially if it’s part of your goals for 2012, to lose weight, exercise regularly, and take better care of yourself. It’s on my list and I’m doing fairly well with it (yes, a minimal weight loss already!)

For THIS blog post, though, I’m talking about making time to exercise your creativity. Obviously, being creative can take many forms. Writing itself requires creative effort, especially for more free form types of writing such as blogging, poetry, fiction, posting in forums, and others.

What is YOUR favorite way to express your creativity?

I have been a seamstress and crafter for what feels like my whole life – and I added quilter to the mix during the second half of my life – but perhaps “seriously” for the past decade or so. I even incorporated a form of the word into my business name, with the intentional misspelling to go with my first name: K’Lee’s Kreations.

My newest addition to the creativity list, as of around 2007 or so, is imprinting photos on fabric and adding those imprinted photos to various customized items, including quilts, pillows, bags, and other items as inspiration strikes – in fact, a repeat customer of mine showed me a neat idea that sparked the idea of adding photos to a scarf! I haven’t tried it yet, though.

My current creative endeavor, as I mentioned in previous posts, is my “Quilt Block a Day” project.

I also enjoy crocheting and have a rainbow afghan I started YEARS ago – I have part of ONE stripe left to complete – that is on my “must do” list for this winter!!

If you are interested in visiting my various sites to check out my creative flair, here they are:

K’Lee’s Kreations at Etsy

K’Lee’s Kreations at Bonanza

K’Lee’s Kreations on Facebook

K’Lee’s Kreations Blog


Now what about YOU? What do you like to do to exercise YOUR creativity?

January 11th Quilt Block – “Sew and Sew”


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13 thoughts on “Exercise – Your Creativity!”
  1. On a daily basis, over the past three months, I’ve been writing little by little what is being termed by others a story of “epic proportions.” I’m just enjoying it, because by not forcing myself to sit and write for set periods of time, the story is always fresh. It’s taken on a life of its own, in a manner of speaking, and I’m always surprised at how it twists and turns.

    Thank you for this!

  2. I was a graphic designer working in advertising for 25 years – before computers – now I LOVE playing with publisher, photoshop and powerpoint making videos, presentations and graphics for my coaching business.
    Thanks for asking Karen 🙂

  3. I love to write…journal, blog, poetry. Most recently I have begun to write music and it has opened up a whole new world. I had never thought much about how important my creativity is to me until I read the book “The Accidental Creative” by Todd Henry. He really pointed some great stuff out in that book. Being creative is part of my fabric – I’m sure you understand that.

    Thanks for this post!

  4. I am an artist so for me painting is my favorite way to express my creativity. I love oil paints and oil pastels. I also love making video and express myself that way as well. Making videos has helped me get another side of my personality out in the open! Love it…

  5. I love the idea of printing photos on material! I like to do mixed media pictures and painting to unleash my creativity. My aunt is a seamstress so I really appreciate all that she has taught me about being creative. Good for you, K’Lee!

  6. Some say, if you do something for to long, you will become an expert on it whether you want to or not. And i believe that. It takes determination and persistence to exercise for long enough to learn a new skill, language or anything you put your mind on.

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