Endings & Beginnings

Happy August 1st!

Yeah, so the month of July totally got away from me… so much for the UBC! I really WILL complete a blog challenge one of these days – meanwhile, though, a few other folks and I have all decided we’re doing our own informal blog challenge for August instead of July!

So what took up all my time in July? Well, my 11th doctoral course took up far more time than I had anticipated.

Another big event that occurred in July marked the end of an era – the house that had been my family’s homestead passed on to new owners. The end of one thing = the beginning of another. The house can now become a home to a new family, to make THEIR memories, to turn the house into a cherished home and family gathering place, as it was for 50+ years, up to three generations!

Not only that, but the sale of the homestead means our parents’ wishes will be fulfilled in blessing my siblings and me with the only inheritance they could arrange for us. They were not wealthy people in material possessions, but they were wealthy beyond belief spiritually. Miss them!

Thank God for His intervention and grace toward my siblings and me in finding the right buyer for our former family homestead AND for making it all happen in July, the month commemorating one year since Mom passed away.

Life is all about endings and beginnings. Closure in this case allows the next chapter of my life – and my siblings’ lives – to begin. What kind of endings and beginnings do you have going on in your life?

Former Willis Homestead

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One thought on “Endings & Beginnings”
  1. Congratulations on getting the homestead situated. I’m sure that was bittersweet, but a still a milestone. And it looks like a place where wonderful memories were made.

    My father-in-law just passed away last month, so my husband and his sisters will soon have to deal with selling their childhood home; I hope that it will be as smooth as such things can be.

    And good luck with your informal challenge!

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