Dusting Off, Owning Up, and Getting Back Into Blogging – August 4 2016 Update and Future Plans

Hello there! Happy August! Pardon me while I make my way through the cobwebs of this long neglected blog! Phew. The dust that has gathered here is truly sneeze-worthy! I sincerely apologize to anyone who WAS following this, my primary blog, at one time, and I hope to regain your readership…along with gaining many more readers!



  Yes, indeed – time to dust this blog off and breathe new life into it!  [Source: morgueFile free photos]



I initially took some time off from this blog to complete a big freelance project last spring, to jumpstart my Words of Encouragement blog, AND then to have reconstructive surgery done on my right thumb. The surgery was May 14, 2015,  and it was a lengthy 4-month recovery that included weekly physical therapy. I just never made it back here…until now!


Ahh, life – the saying has been attributed to multiple people, from Erma Bombeck to John Lennon, I think – but someone once said: “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.” That is certainly the case with my plans to blog consistently, among other delayed goals.


In the nearly year and a half since I last blogged here, many life events have taken place. Among them, at least the larger or more notable events (I won’t bore you with little ones), have been the following:

*May 2015-August 2015: Basal thumb joint surgery and recovery, including physical therapy.

*November 2015: We lost our oldest cat, Mack (10 1/2 y.o.), quite abruptly from congestive heart failure! Within a couple weeks, we adopted three little kittens from a foster pet parent (a vet tech from our local vet’s office); one of them has markings very similar to Mack’s.

*December 2015-January 2016: Holidays, family time. 🙂

*February 2016: Celebrated hubby’s birthday and our 10th anniversary. 🙂

*March 2016: Celebrated my 58th (!) birthday. Also celebrated finally getting an approved Concept Paper for my doctoral dissertation (Doctor of Education – EdD), one huge milestone accomplished! 🙂

*April 2016: Learned my third grandchild is on the way, due in December! 🙂

*May 2016: Another huge milestone accomplished: an approved Dissertation Proposal for my EdD degree! 🙂 Also began a year-long contract for the  best freelance position (assessment writer) I’ve had since beginning my freelance career in early 2008.

*June 2016: Tragedy struck my hubby’s side of the family, as his younger brother committed suicide. 🙁

*July 2016: Discovered my third grandchild, due in December, is a third grandDAUGHTER! 🙂



So now, in August…I’m dusting off this blog; owning up to the fact  that although I had good intentions, I had previously taken on way too many obligations and couldn’t follow through; and now, with the help of a new blog mastermind group, Power Affiliate Club, or PAC, I’m getting back into blogging with now only TWO blogs (instead of EIGHT!) and moving FORWARD!




My other blog is Words of Encouragement, dedicated to my Dad’s memory, who had a wonderful gift of encouragement. So my goal with that blog is to carry on his legacy, to encourage others through stories, verses, thoughts, and other bits of inspiration.

I intended for this to be my primary blog, focusing on freelance and entrepreneur life. In an effort to condense several blogs into one, at the recommendation of the mastermind group, I plan to establish pages highlighting some of my niche areas and post on them occasionally. That way, I can focus on only posting here and my Encouragement blog, and thereby, simplify my life a bit! 🙂

What about you?

What major life events have occupied your life over the past year or so?

Did they throw your original plans off balance? What works for you to stay on track?






7 thoughts on “Dusting Off, Owning Up, and Getting Back Into Blogging – August 4 2016 Update and Future Plans”
  1. No wonder this blog was neglected. Your life has been pretty full! Both of my kids moved down to NC with me last year and readying the house along with making those moves within a month of each other was intense! This year is much calmer. 🙂

  2. Wow, eight blogs! That’s crazy commitment…
    I organise a big event that takes over life for six months then happens again.. and won’t be allowed to rule EVERYTHING else out of my life again, including earning money!

    Enjoy your blogging and picked up some useful thought points here, thank you!

  3. Two is truly better than eight. And you may find one is better than two. As we gain in life experience, we sometimes discover that less is more. I’ve certainly discovered that. In the past year, we downsized my mother in law and she moved from 150 miles away to two miles away – my husband is also his disabled brother’s guardian now. Lots of changes for all of us.

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