Do You Need to Lose 20 Lbs. of “Thinking Weight”? Maybe a Mentor Can Help!

Today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge writing prompt is to share an article from Ezine that might be helpful to our readers. Slight modification, as I think this informational article about “Mentoring with Lesly of Robin Hood Mentoring” might be extremely helpful for some! Lesly gave me permission to share it. 😉




Mentoring with Robin Hood Mentor

Lesly Federici


Hey …


There was a time I didn’t know what the heck I was doing on the internet. You may be thinking the same, maybe not… but most people are.


You may be feeling like “you’re all over the place”. Well, what does that mean exactly? It means you want to be blogging, but you don’t know where to begin, what to write about, how to create your personal Brand, and what skills you need to have.


I understand a lot of this, having gone through it myself. So I’d like to offer you an opportunity. One you’ll roll your eyes at and ask – seriously? Yep. And here it is.


$50.00/Month Mentoring
Including Tools to Get Going!


I have this thing about people who struggle to earn an income online. They want to learn how but just can’t afford some of the online programs offered.  Some of them, perhaps even you, want to create a website that generates an income.  And you can! Yes, Do It! But it’s overwhelming … I get it. 



 Mandy Allen

Mandy Allen: ” I have been working online for over 6 years now.  I first met Lesly through a sharing forum and got to know her much better when she attended an online training program I ran on ‘training for trainers’.

Lesly was extremely active in this group, very supportive to all the participants, and came along with a wealth of knowledge which she willingly shared with everyone else.

Lesly has a flexibility of approach to individuals and situations and is a person with varied and considerable skills, and is a great mentor for anyone wishing to move their business forward.

I can’t stress enough the enormity of her generosity of time, energy and spirit, and anyone undertaking her training course will benefit from being able to work alongside Lesly.

Lesly is clear thinking, sensitive and trustworthy, and she has a level-headed and sympathetic approach which leads to an honest appraisal you may struggle to find on other coaching program.

If I was starting out online now I would pick Lesly as my mentor!”


 Fill out a Mentoring Application here.

Learn more about me here

The Magic is in the Action, Do it!


find the “bliss” within if you're


So What About YOU?

Have you ever thought about engaging the services of a mentor?

What do you think of Lesly’s services and how much she offers for only $50/month?


I regularly interact with Lesly in various POWER AFFILIATE CLUB (PAC) groups and activities … I can tell you from personal experience, she’s an awesome mentor! 🙂

             Lesly Federici, RN, PAC CEO, & Robin Hood Mentor


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