Do You Know How to Assemble a Quilt? Here’s My Process AND a Contest for a FREE Pillow!

Welcome to the 8th day of my participation in the Ultimate Blog Challenge! I will have to backtrack to yesterday’s post and suggested writing prompt, since we were out of state for the day, but today’s writing prompt was to present a promo or contest. So I’m combining these ideas. I’m promoting my K-Lee’s Kreations business by telling you about my quiltmaking process. This coincides with my previous post about how I imprint photos on products. AND… at the end of this post, see the directions to participate in a contest for a FREE pillow made by me, K-Lee! 🙂


Me, K. Lee, working on a quilt
          Me, K. Lee, working on a quilt


Well, I’ve already shared my process of “kreating” my imprinted photos, so this time, I thought I’d briefly discuss and show with pictures my process of transforming pieces of fabric into a completed quilt.


My Quiltmaking Process

First, I choose (or a customer chooses) a quilt design. For the purposes of this post, the design is called Trip Around the World, featuring a radiating  pattern from the center of the quilt.


Trip Around the World Quilt I made for a customer.
Trip Around the World Quilt I made for a customer


Next, based on colors chosen, I purchase fabric (or check my fabric stash) and prepare to cut them into 4 1/2- or 5 1/2-inch strips across the width of the fabric (depending on the size of the quilt).


My quilt fabric.
               My quilt fabric


Then, if I use imprinted photos (as in this case), I decide on placement (or the customer lets me know).


Imprinted photos for this quilt.
        Imprinted photos for this quilt


Then I cut each fabric strip into the number of squares I need.

Cutting fabric into squares.
             Cutting fabric into squares



Then I stack them up by color.


My stack of squares.
                     My stack of squares


Next, I arrange them into the Trip Around the World pattern.

I arrange the fabric and imprinted photos.
I arrange the fabric and imprinted photos


Then I stack them up by rows and bring them to my sewing machine.

My stacked quilt squares.
      My stacked quilt squares


After I sew the squares together into rows, I press all the seams, then sew the rows into a quilt top and add the border. Then after measuring the top, I calculate the number of squares I’ll need for the backing and repeat the process I used for making the quilt top.


Backing for my quilt.
              Backing for my quilt


Finally, I layer the backing wrong side up, the batting, and then the quilt top right side up. I pin all the layers, then hand-tie it using a curved needle and Perle floss. My hubby often helps me do this part, because of frequent pain in my arthritic right thumb.  🙁


Hand tying my quilt.
                       Hand tying my quilt


Finally, I wrap the backing around to the front, pin it down to form the binding, and sew around the outer edges to catch in the binding.


This is a collage showing some of these steps in the quiltmaking process.


Collage showing some of the steps in the process.
      Collage showing some of these steps in the process


Questions for YOU, Dear Reader


If you don’t quilt, were you aware of all these steps?


If you do quilt, is this similar to your quiltmaking process?




If you are interested in my contest for a FREE pillow, handmade by me, in the colors of your choice, you can choose from one of these two designs. The pillows are 16 inches square and include the pillow form. Usually sold for $45 — yours FREE in you win my contest!


 Pinwheel pillow design #1


Pinwheel Pillow design #2






**Contest Rules**


Here are the contest rules. I published a special post recently that received NO comment love. Please follow these four steps to be entered into the contest:

1-Please go to this post, Spotlight on My Dad: In Memory of His Influence and Life Lessons.

2- Please read that post, and leave a comment about any special “life lessons” someone has helped you learn.

3-Please leave a relevant comment by 7pm EDT tomorrow evening, Monday, January 9.

4-Return to this post and leave a comment that you entered the contest.

**Everyone who completes these four steps will be entered into a drawing using an online Random Name Picker and the winner will receive a free pillow as described above. I will contact the winner by email to discuss details including your choice of colors and your address so I can send the pillow to you when it’s completed!**



4 thoughts on “Do You Know How to Assemble a Quilt? Here’s My Process AND a Contest for a FREE Pillow!”
  1. Similar quilting process except you plan better. I love that you use your backing fabric for your binding. I do too, yet so many quilters think that is wrong. I do try to have enough fabric that I can fold the “binding” in half before folding over the top of the quilt.
    Nita recently posted..One Word for the Year

  2. Lol, I do not sew. I break out in hives. I’m seriously allergic, not really but I excepted that F in home ec in school as I skipped it there too. My grandmother made my brother and I quilts. I still have it even though it’s falling apart now. I love the ones with the pictures. I bought my daughter a doll blanket and quilt from a craft sho that was quilted because my mother doesn’t sew and I remember having it for my dolls as a child. Quilting is an art! You are lucky to have such a skill and the patience.
    Rose recently posted..Pinch me box

  3. I don’t quilt. I don’t sew. My mom was an excellent sewer until she had to give it up due to rheumatoid arthritis. I’ve crocheted for some 46 years – mostly self taught, and I don’t do anything challenging at this time. I hope your contest winner enjoys his/her pillow.
    Alana recently posted..Winter Wonders – Soup Is Good Food

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