Do You Experience Blogging Blahs?

Blah Blah Blah….

Blogging Blahs!


Yeah, say that five times fast (you know you want to try it – I can almost hear you!), and you’ll get an idea how I’m feeling about another month slipping by way too fast and me getting interrupted in successfully and consistently blogging daily! It’s not so much a personal blog challenge, as it is challenging to blog! Oh, well, I have managed to blog every day for a few months now– and I only missed yesterday due to a work deadline, so… today you will get TWO posts! 😉



It’s odd how I suffer from some kind of guilt complex  at times that simply won’t allow me to do things I *WANT* to do – like take a break from the “have to” tasks long enough to do “want to” things, such as the following.


*Blogging, for instance, for the creative outlet it is.  Ideally, I would like to consistently blog every day in both of my blogs early each day (not late at night or past midnight!) I’d also like to  interact consistently with those of you who are kind enough to read and leave comments, as well as read and leave comments for other bloggers.


*Quilting, crafting, and other equally creative, leisurely activities. I joined a group on Facebook called “UFO Queen 2013” – and no, that is not some spooky alien support group – in this case, the “UFO” stands for Un-Finished Objects, and all 185 members (so far) have varying numbers of such incomplete projects.

The idea is to win the “UFO Queen” title by completing the most projects by the end of the year. To my shame (and a bit of shock), I have documented over 100 such unfinished objects! For instance, I have two quilts to complete using this same quilt design  (this one, sadly, no longer exists, as my oldest daughter lost it in a fire)…


I have multiple quilts, pillows, table decor items, bags, dolls, stuffed animals, crocheted items, and many other projects in various stages of completion – all waiting for me to finally find/make the time to finish them!


*Set up social/professional sites. Well, this may sound more like work – and it is work-related – but I really want to spend some time getting my various sites up and running.


*Take time off to spend with hubby/family/friends. People who don’t freelance for a living probably don’t understand this, but when you work from home – for all its benefits – you can never really “not bring work home” because you work in your home, so your work is always there. I haven’t successfully achieved the right balance yet between working and taking time off – so I tend to work at any and all hours of the day and night, depending on what I have to do or what deadlines are looming.


So there they are – four multifaceted “want to” areas of things I really need to incorporate into my life for my own mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.



So What About YOU?


Do you struggle to maintain the proper balance between the “have to” and “want to” areas of your life?


If you’re balanced, do you have some strategies you can share?





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