Ditch Negative Thinking to Pursue Your Purpose

Sometimes we can only truly pursue our purpose in life by first *Ditching Negative Thinking.* If we allow our minds to constantly dwell on all things negative, it actually creates a toxic environment for us emotionally, mentally, spiritually–and can even adversely affect us physically.



It’s easy to see from this quote how negative thinking (or as Joyce Meyer calls it, “stinking thinking“) can certainly interfere with our ability to pursue our purpose. If we get stuck in the rut of negative thinking, we will soon not only start believing we can “never” make it or “never” fulfill our purpose…but we will likely start spewing those negative thoughts out of our mouths.

Then we will have a NEW problem:


Like this quote says, words are powerful. They are containers of power–either to build up or to tear down. If both our thoughts and our words are stuck in the past, or get stuck in the rut of negativity, we tend to acquire a negative energy about us that affects not only ourselves–but everyone around us.


It’s difficult enough to truly pursue our purpose if we don’t believe in ourselves, and if we don’t think and speak positive, edifying thoughts and words to ourselves and to and about our situations. We make it worse if we extend negative thoughts and words that tear down, hurt, offend, and alienate others; even if they have been on board and encouraged us in the past, not many people will continue to endure criticism or remain in the company of someone who always seems to be a “storm cloud.”


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do these concepts and quotes resonate with you? Can you relate?

Are you prepared to move forward by ditching negative thinking and adopting a more positive outlook?

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