Determined to Succeed

It’s Day 20 and you know what that means: only 11 days left in the Ultimate Blog Challenge and I am determined to succeed this time in completing the challenge. I believe I can, since even on those couple of days I had no time to post, I made up the next day each time with two posts. So this is officially post #20 tonight!



Ironically, however, this is the first post using one of the suggestions that the awesome Michelle Shaeffer sends out to UBC participants.  The idea was to discuss determination, including motivation to succeed and complete challenges, or plans of any kind. I have two particular topics to mention in this post: blogging and quilting.

First, I’m not sure what the difference is this time with the UBC, except that I’ve been reviving/revising some popular older posts and getting great responses, which has been really encouraging. I really appreciate all of you who take time to read and comment; I just need to catch up with responses to your comments!

I think another reason I’m succeeding this time is I’ve been getting a better handle on time management and prioritizing tasks – and enjoying a break from “have to” writing with blogging, which is definitely “want to” writing! It’s especially fulfilling to me when I know something I write has blessed or encouraged other people, since that is one of my goals in blogging, and also why I want to blog more consistently.

Secondly, I have another home business in addition to my freelance services, called K’Lee’s Kreations. I primarily make customized quilts, pillows, bags, and other items, many with imprinted photos.  I have an Etsy shop and a Bonanza booth, and still need to get my primary site up and running.

I had an idea recently that I should create a line of products called K’Lee’s Kollection, which would feature a certain number of products with imprinted images of nature, animals, and sayings. Instead of customizing these, I would make them ready-to-sell, hopefully to increase interest and improve opportunities for profit. I think my motivation with this one is to get the ideas out of my head and into actual products, and see how it goes!

(This bag has one of the designs I plan to use, and make into bags and pillows).

One of my “kreations” – a tote bag with an imprinted photo (special one, with my Mom and the grandkids!)


What about you? Are you doing the blog challenge or do you have other projects you are determined to succeed in accomplishing?

4 thoughts on “Determined to Succeed”
  1. “Have to” writing versus “Want to” writing…yes! I think doing more of what you love, and changing your perspective on the things on your to-do list can really make the difference. You idea for K’Lee’s Collection sounds cool! I am a major supporter of entrepreneurship as an entrepreneur myself. Keep that vision strong and I know you’ll succeed!
    Sherry@branding recently posted..Day 17: Likeable Brands: Magnetize Ideal Clients (Part II)

  2. I’m determined to blog every day for the year 2013. So far, all has run smoothly. However, thunderstorms are forecast for next week, which might play havoc with the computer. A couple of years ago, my Ciboxer was struck and only survived with the help of an experienced technician. Fingers crossed.
    Francene Stanley recently posted..July 21st

  3. Karen, what a delightful little bag! Accomplishing a blog post every day this month is quite an accomplishment for me, since I stay CRAZYBUSY in the summertime. But I’ve learned how to pull posts out of my hat and type them up very quickly, so I’m hoping I’ll succeed! Then—on to other challenges, including publishing a book.
    Amy recently posted..REFRESHMENT

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