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It’s hard to believe Christmas is only about three weeks away! As I get older, time seems to go by faster. All the more reason to become consistent in blogging and manage my time better, as I chronicle events of the days, weeks, months, and years as they go by.



So if  you have visited before, you might remember my thematic posting schedule–and if you’re a new blog visitor and reader, first of all, welcome!  Here’s what I mean by themes: I am using the Article Writing Challenge  idea again this month, so I’ll have a daily writing prompt to help focus my thoughts and writing.


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The theme for Mondays is product reviews,

so if you missed my December 1st post,

check out my review about my new

Samsung Galaxy Note 4.




The theme for Tuesdays is Top 10 Lists. So here is mine for this Tuesday, December 2–a list my fellow writers might appreciate, if you work from home and go through the “feast or famine” times that seem to define freelancing and self-employment. Based on my personal experience browsing these sites–arranged alphabetically–I present to you:

Top 10 Work from Home Job Boards

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1. Blogging Pro:  Maintains a list of a mix of blogging and other types of writing jobs. Some include pay rates, while others ask you to provide your expected rates. Typically, you use the contact info given and follow the post’s instructions for applying. Occasionally, the post directs you to the company’s actual website to apply there.

2.  Craigslist: Use this custom search engine at to search all of Craigslist with strategic keywords such as “freelance writing wanted” and get results from multiple states and cities. Honestly, you really can find legitimate opportunities with Craigslist. Just pay attention to the details of the posts, including whether they are OK with telecommuting or require on-site work, if they have a  professional company name and website, and real contact information. Also, be cautious about giving too much information unless/until you actually get a job offer. Example of a legit job: One of my first instructional design jobs, back in 2008, came from CL – and I got paid the equivalent of about $25/hour (the client paid per project, but it averaged to that hourly rate).

3. Edu Jobs: For anyone like me, who focuses on writing assessments, developing courses, tutoring, and similar types of education-related jobs, this is a great site. It seems to stay consistently updated and includes original job links and all the info you need to inquire about or apply to jobs.

4.  Freelance Job Openings: Maintains an updated list of a variety of freelance jobs, usually with pay rates included (per their site’s policy).

5. Freelance Writing Gigs: Really nice site, maintains an updated list of writing jobs by categories such as content writing, blogging, copywriting, and more. Also has valuable articles and other free resources for writers. You can also sign up for their mailing list, so you can receive a weekly “round up” of job opportunities.

6. Pro Blogger: Similar to the other blogging site, maintains a list of not just blogging, but other writing gigs, as well as Darren Rowse’s blog and valuable resources.

7.  Textbroker: A good beginning writer site, or to fill in between other gigs. One of the few sites that’s still around since I began officially freelancing in 2008. You can set up a free account and search for titles you want to write.

8. Writer Access:  Another site that allows you to sign up for a free account and functions as a writer profile or portfolio for you. WA serves as the “middle man” between clients and writers, and offers a variety of writing assignments either on the open board or as “Love List” or direct assignments. The application process is lengthy, but it’s usually worth it.

9. Write Jobs: Maintains an updated list of various types of writing jobs, and categorizes them as jobs with pay rates listed, non-Craigslist jobs, and editor jobs. Also provides information about paying literary markets and writing competitions and contests with no entry fees.

10.  Zerys (formerly Interact Media): Another site that brings clients and writers together in a similar way, where you can open a free account and take jobs from an open board or receive direct assignments.

Working away on my MacBook Pro laptop - along with my fur babies for good company!
Working away on my MacBook Pro laptop – along with my fur babies keeping me company!

So there you have it – based on my personal experience of regularly checking these various sites, and yes, finding legitimate, good-paying jobs…even on Craigslist, as long as you use wisdom and stay alert to avoid scams.

If you’re also a freelance writer or entrepreneur, have you heard of all these sites before? What experience have you had with them? Do you have other “go to” sites you would care to share?


8 thoughts on “December 2–>Top 10 Work from Home Job Boards”
  1. Awesome job. There are legitimate jobs out there for writers, but as you point out many scams too. It really helps me as a writer to use your suggestions as a guide when I’m searching out gigs. Thanks for sharing your wisdom 🙂

  2. This is right on time! I was just about to start setting up my profiles on different sites to get some ghostwriting gigs. Thank you so much for this list! <3

  3. Wow Karen, I’m an amateur blogger just putting my experiences out there. I often wonder if someone happened across our blog what they would think. Our blog has focused more on the experience of urban farming rather than information about farming although there are tidbits of advice. I like to think of my posts as the soul of farming I’m kind of glad I don’t rely on my posts for income as it sounds intense.

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